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Hermione Jean Granger [userpic]
by Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
at August 20th, 2006 (05:12 pm)

current mood: worried

Continued from here.

When Fred jumped off the bed, reminding her that they needed to tell Rupert and Wesley about the First, Hermione bit her lip, looking over at both guys. She knew they probably should have said something about this before all this had happened, but they had gotten...distracted. She swallowed slightly and waited for Fred to return with the biscuits. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Wesley's slightly askance look, obviously not wanting crumbs in his bed.

"Well, it's not that we aren't telling you because we were going to tell you as soon as you got back - it's just that we hadn't had a chance," Hermione said.

Wesley's expression suddenly turned to amusement. "Hermione, love, I think Fred's been rubbing off on you just a bit," he said before leaning over and giving Fred a kiss on her temple. "Now...start from the beginning. What's going on?"

"Buffy asked us to start researching the First because apparently, she and Willow, just before Willow left for England, had some very strange run-ins. Buffy said she saw her mother, and Willow saw Tara - her girlfriend, I think Buffy said she was?" Hermione pulled her legs up in front of her and wrapped her arms around them while leaning against Fred. "She said that she thought it was something called the First."

Rupert nodded. "The First has been known to visit in the form of people who have died. We ran into it a few years ago."

"That's what Buffy said. She wasn't sure, though, so we started doing some research, hoping we could find something while you were gone." Hermione shook her head. "We didn't find much at all on it, other than the same thing repeated over and over by different people. Familiar faces - all trying to convince the people they visit of the futility of life."

Rubbing his temple, Rupert shook his head. "And we never did figure out why it was there before it disappeared again. Have there been any more sightings?"

"Not by Buffy or any of the others, but this was only a couple of weeks ago that they had their encouters."

"I should call Buffy and ask her what exactly happen. If the First is back, this isn't good."


Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: August 21st, 2006 01:23 am (UTC)
Fred - Sad blue background

Fred stuck her tongue out at Wesley when he made his comment. She wanted to tell him she rubbed Hermione a lot but then her girlfriend started to talk so she wrapped her free arm around her and listened as she ate her cookies. She really didn’t think she needed to say since Hermione had pretty much covered it all.

“Didn’t Angel see the First a few years ago?” Wesley asked as he picked up his glasses and put them on.

“He did. It showed up as his former victims,” Rupert said as he stood from the bed and slipped his boxers on. “Even Jenny…” He shook his head and headed out to the living room to call Buffy.

“Who’s Jenny?” Fred asked, looking at Wesley and Hermione.

“Oh, Jenny Calendar. Rupert and he had dated for a while. She was from the gypsy clan who’d cursed Angel with a soul. When Angel became Angelus again, she was working on a way to put his soul back in but he killed her and…” Wesley looked out into the living room at Rupert and sighed. “He snapped her neck and left her body in Rupert’s bed.”

“Poor Rupert,” Fred quietly said. She moved closer to Hermione as Wesley nodded his head.

“I think I’m going to go sit with him,” Wesley said as he put his own boxers back on and left the room.

Fred frowned and pull Hermione down to the bed with her. “I hope I never find you like that,” she whispered as she nuzzled again her girlfriend’s neck.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 22nd, 2006 01:55 am (UTC)
Me - Kissing

When Fred moved closer, Hermione wrapped an arm around her, looking toward the door that Rupert had just gone through, letting out a little sigh. She knew that even though her friend had found what he wanted and needed in Wesley, a part of him would still always grieve for the woman he had lost after so short a time together. She had lost Ron around the same time, and she remembered how both of them had leaned on each other at the time, both of them grieving.

Turning to her girlfriend, she let her pulled her down onto the bed and wrapped her arms tightly around her, holding her close. "I hope I never find you like that either," she whispered, trying to hold back tears at the memories. "I couldn't bare it if I lost you, Fred. Not after..."

She swallowed deeply and pulled back slightly, pressing her hand to Fred's cheek. "I love you so much," she whispered. "What happened tonight...that's never ever going to change how I feel about you. Rupert means the world to me, as does Wesley, but you will always be my dearest love."

Leaning forward, she captured Fred's lips with her, teasing her mouth open to kiss her deeply, skin pressing against skin as her hand ran over over her back and bum.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: August 22nd, 2006 04:32 am (UTC)
Fred - Devious

"I love you too," Fred whispered as she stroked Hermione's face. "You'll always be my first, and only deep love. I love Wesley, and part of me loves Rupert but they won't ever compare to what I feel for you. Never doubt my love for you, sweetie. In the end, it'll be us, together."

When Hermione started to kiss her, Fred's hands moved up and cupped Hermione's breasts, her thumbs brushing over her nipples. She slid her tongue over her girlfriend's and moaned. She sensed someone was in the room with them and she opened one of her eyes. Wesley and Rupert were in the doorway, watching them.

We have company. Lets give them a show.

Running her hand down, she nudged Hermione's legs apart and caressed her wet folds. She broke the kiss when she heard one of the boys groaned. Looking over at them, she smirked. "Enjoying the show?" she asked them as her thumb rubbed Hermione's clit.

"Y-Yes," Wesley croaked out.

"Gonna repay the favor?" Fred asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I think we can do that," Rupert said as he pulled Wesley over to the bed so they could watch Fred pleasure her girlfriend.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 23rd, 2006 02:34 am (UTC)
Me - Come Hither

"I'll never doubt you," Hermione told her. "You're too much a part of me now."

Gasping softly when Fred's hand teased her breats, Hermione started running her hand down over her girlfriend's back to cup her bum, squeezing gently, pulling her closer. She was so caught up that she didn't notice Wesley and Rupert come into the room until she received Fred's thought.

When she did, she opened her eyes and smiled against Fred's lips. Not so long ago, she would have been embarrassed at someone walking in on an intimate moment, but after having had sex with both men and seeing them have sex with her girlfriend, she definitely couldn't feel that way anymore. In fact, it was a little bit exciting.

So she opened her legs for Fred, leaning back against the bed, her head falling back. She moaned softly, feeling that familiar energy edged with want building up in her. She felt the bed shift as Rupert and Wesley joined them and, knowing they were watching, reaching over and starting rubbing Fred's nipples before raising her head slightly so she could take one in her mouth. Her hand then traced down to Fred's core, rubbing her and dipping into her.

"Oh god, Fred," she whispered softly, feeling herself tightening up as her hips moved against her fingers. "What's was that about you rubbing off on me earlier?"

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: August 23rd, 2006 04:11 am (UTC)

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 24th, 2006 02:37 am (UTC)

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Posted at: August 25th, 2006 01:51 am (UTC)

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Posted at: August 26th, 2006 06:46 pm (UTC)

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: August 27th, 2006 03:58 am (UTC)
Fred - Film strip

Fred couldn't believe it. Not only were they going to be a family, but they were going to live together in a house. She couldn't remember the last time she lived in a house with a family and the thought excited her. "That sounds wonderful," she said with a grin as she continued to hold Hermione's hand.

"We should celebrate," Wesley said with a grin. "How does Chinese take away sound?"

"Sounds good," Fred said with a grin.

"Want to come with me then?" Wesley asked as he stood from the table.

Fred nodded and stood also. "I want to stop by the hotel too because there's some books and stuff I want all of you to have about the baby," she told all of them. "And will we be staying overnight again?"

"If you want," Rupert said.

"Hermione? I can pick up some clothes for us to wear tomorrow if we're staying overnight," Fred said.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 28th, 2006 03:18 am (UTC)
Me - Happy

When Ron had died and Harry had pulled away from her, Hermione had never thought she'd be able to get so close to anyone again. It hurt to much, she thought. Now, though, here she was - in love with the most wonderful woman in the world and about to form a family with her and two amazing men whom she felt love for as well. It was fantastic and something she'd never trade for the world.

"Chinese sounds great," she agreed as Rupert nodded. Part of her wanted to go with Fred to make sure she was okay, but then she realized she was being silly - Wesley would take care of her. When Fred asked her question, instead she just nodded. "I think that would be nice."

Part of her was glad to be staying with Rupert and Wesley and away from the hotel for the night. Angel never said anything about being able to hear her and Fred, but she sensed that he could, and it made her a bit uncomfortable. Also, with everything that was happening there with Groo leaving and Angel ignoring Cordy, things were just not comfortable, and she didn't like the idea of Fred being in that atmosphere since she was pregnant.

Standing up, she wrapped her arms around her girlfriend and gave her a kiss. You'll be okay? she asked before realizing what she was doing again. Of course you will. I'm being silly. I love you, Fred.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: August 28th, 2006 04:11 am (UTC)
Fred - Beauty

I'll be fine, sweetie. Wesley will take good care of me. And I love you too. Fred pulled away from the hug and gave Hermione a soft kiss. "Rupert? Take good care of her while we're gone," she said, giving the man a wink. She then followed Wesley out of the door.

They decided it was best to go to the hotel first before getting the Chinese. Fred sat in his Jeep and looked out the window. She felt antsy all of a sudden at the prospect of being a mother. Deep down she knew it'd be okay since she had three other people backing her up but she was still nervous about all of it.

When they got to the hotel, she took Wesley up to the room she shared with Hermione. Crookshanks, who didn't know Wesley, hid under one of the beds as Fred fluttered around, packing clothes and the books. While she was busy doing that, Wesley sat down on the bed.

"Come here, Fred," he softly said, patting the spot beside him. Fred went over and sat down. "A bit nervous aren't you?"

"Just a little," she said with a laugh.

"It's going to be all right," he told her before he turned her around so her back was to him. Wesley slowly started to massage her shoulders and she started to relax. "Feel better, love?"

"A little," Fred said.

Wesley turned her around again and softly cupped her face. "I know something that might help you relax. I don't think we should have you going back to the flat like this or you might make Rupert and Hermione nervous," he said before softly kissing her.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 30th, 2006 01:47 am (UTC)
Me - Big Grin

Once Wesley and Fred had left to go get the food and stop by the hotel, Hermione and Rupert started clearing up the books, closing them and stacking them on the coffee table in the lounge since they were going to be using the dining table once the others got back.

When they finished, they looked at each other for a few moments, and then they were hugging each other tightly.

"I can't believe how fast all this has happened," Hermione whispered, resting her head against his chest. "My girlfriend's pregnant, and we're going to be parents."

"I know," Rupert said with a soft laugh. "It's a bit amazing."

She looked up at him, part of her remembering when she had first met him so many years ago now. "I hope you won't be too insulted if I tell you that I never imagined this ever happening. Especially...well, the four of us."

"Well, it is a bit unorthodox, so I hope you won't be insulted when I agree and say I never thought it would either." He rubbed her back and then led her over to the couch to sit down. "But Wesley and I...we started to realize how much we loved both of you over the last couple of months."

"I think Fred and I knew too. After all, you were already special to me and Wesley to Fred. It just sort of grew from there, I think."

He nodded, giving her a smile before leaning forward and kissing her gently. "You have an amazing relationship with Fred, Hermione. And Wesley...I couldn't ask for a more wonderful husband. But together, I think we have something most people could never imagine."

Reaching up and rubbing her hand on his cheek, she nodded before kissing him again.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: August 30th, 2006 04:03 am (UTC)

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 31st, 2006 02:09 am (UTC)

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Posted at: September 1st, 2006 03:31 am (UTC)

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Posted at: September 3rd, 2006 05:09 am (UTC)

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: September 3rd, 2006 07:10 am (UTC)
Fred - laughing noe

When Hermione mentioned Moonstar, Fred felt her chest tighten with fear. She knew her girlfriend would have to be returning soon, and it broke her heart. Fred knew she had Wesley and Rupert but no one could replace Hermione in her life. So when Hermione said she wanted to stay, Fred gave her a huge grin and threw her arms around her.

"Oh, Hermione!" Fred cried, burying her head against her girlfriend's shoulder. "I was so afraid you'd go back and not be here and leave me with them."

"Um, we are standing right here, Fred..." Rupert pointed out.

Fred, who didn't seem to hear him, pulled away from Hermione. "I love you so much," she said before leaning forward to deeply kiss her, her hands roaming up and down her back.

"Look at his," Wesley said as Fred continued to kiss Hermione. "Some women can have labor for up to thirty-six hours."

Fred quickly pulled away from her girlfriend and narrowed her eyes. "Can't you see I'm making out with my girlfriend and I don't need you telling me useless facts!" She said before sticking her tongue out at him.

"Perhaps I just wanted a turn," Wesley said.

"What is it you Brits say? Oh, yeah...bugger off!" Fred said as she went back to kissing Hermione as Rupert laughed.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: September 4th, 2006 04:29 am (UTC)
Me - Hee

"I wasn't going to leave you. I was going to work it out so I could come back each evening," she told Fred as she held her, cupping the back of her head. "But when you said--I had been thinking how much I would hate being away from you even for the day, and then when you said you were actually pregnant, I knew I couldn't. I want to stay here with you."

When Fred pulled back, locking eyes with her, Hermione smiled. She was so beautiful. "I love you too," she whispered, her eyes closing as they kissed. She barely heard Wesley's comment, but Fred had taken care of it soon enough, so it didn't matter. Although she did laugh when she heard her girlfriend using British slang.

"You heard her," Hermione mumbled against Fred's lips before deepening the kiss again.

"Hermione's getting everyone tonight," Wesley said, his tone teasing.

"Oh, come here, you," Rupert said, pulling his husband to him and giving him a kiss. "That better?"

"Much," he answered while caressing Rupert's chest.

Finally, Hermione and Fred had to break apart for air, and Hermione looked at Fred happily, knowing she had made the right choice. Nothing was more important than the woman she loved and their family here with Wesley and Rupert.

Suddenly, though, her stomach began grumbling, and she looked down at it, a chagrined look on her face. "Guess I should eat something," she said with a laugh.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: September 4th, 2006 05:36 am (UTC)
Fred - Cute smile noe

When Hermione said she needed to eat, Fred wrinkled her nose as she looked at the Chinese. "I don't think I can ever eat Chinese again during this pregnancy...or watch someone eat it," she muttered as she looked away. But, she didn't want to ruin Rupert and Hermione's lunch.

"I should straighten up the bedroom a bit since you two will be spending the night," Wesley said as he started toward the bedroom. He glanced at Fred and she smiled.

"And I should help him since we're staying here tonight." Fred said before she gave Hermione a quick kiss and followed Wesley into the bedroom. She shut the door behind her and she stared at Wesley before he came over and started to kiss her.

Soon, clothes were being thrown off their bodies and Fred's hand encircled Wesley's cock and started to stroke it. He moaned and picked her up, and pinned her against the door. "If I hurt you, love, tell me, all right?" he whispered as he lowered her down on his cock.

"Not hurting," Fred shuddered. God, he filled her up like no other. "God, Wesley...so fucking good."

Wesley started to thrust up into her, making the door wriggle behind them. "Wes-Wesley...the door...they're going to hear..." Fred said, remembering her girlfriend and his husband were out in the living room.

"So? They teased us. Payback and all..." he groaned as he continued to thrust into her.

"O-Okay," Fred said as she felt herself tightening up already as Wesley thrust into her harder, a sheen of sweat covering their bodies. "Love you, Wes."

"I love you too, Fred," he said as he continued to thrust in her.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: September 4th, 2006 10:22 pm (UTC)

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: September 4th, 2006 11:17 pm (UTC)

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: September 6th, 2006 02:11 am (UTC)

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Posted at: September 7th, 2006 03:27 am (UTC)

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: September 7th, 2006 04:07 am (UTC)
Fred - Cheeky Look

"So, you used to sing." Fred said, finishing off her ice cream.

"Some," Rupert said before he started singing 'Free Byrd'.

Fred grinned and listened to him for a moment before saying, "I used to get high and listen to that song. That and Rush. Sometimes the 'Stones."

Rupert grinned. "Me too. On all accounts. We used to sneak off and hide, and smoke some pot and then sit around and listen to records," he said.

"Oh! Records. Much better than CDs in my opinion," Fred said.

Rupert laughed and pulled her closer. "I think I may be falling in love with you, Fred! Not many people 'get' records. They're much better than digitally enhanced CDs," he said before dropping a kiss on his forehead.

"I had my first sex experience while I was high."

"Me too. I guess we do have quite a few things in common."

Fred moved and looked at him. "Yeah, we do," she said, smiling. She leaned forward and softly kissed him. Pulling back, she pulled his shirt off before he did the same to her. He then leaned down and sucked on one of her nipples. "Ohhh..."

He stopped and looked at her. "Am I hurting you, love?"

"No. Feels nice," Fred muttered. "My nipples are sensitive because of the pregnancy. But I like what you're doing."

"Me too," Rupert murmured before sliding his hand into her panties. "God, Fred, you're so wet."

With a groan, he slid off her pants and panties before having her sit up on the couch. He then kneeled before her on the floor and placed her legs on his shoulders before leaning forward. He ran his tongue through her wet folds before sucking her clit into his mouth as his hand snaked up and started to fondle her breasts.

"Oh God," Fred moaned as she slid against Rupert's tongue, her hand tangled in his hair.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: September 8th, 2006 04:15 am (UTC)
Me - Smirk

"I always wondered exactly how that work - I had no idea that the wand basically chooses its user. I can only imagine the kind of chaos that would cause in the shop while trying to find the right one!" Wesley said with a laugh.

Hermione nodded, giving him a knowing grin. "Oh, Mister Ollivander's store could end up in a right state! You should have seen the girl before me when I went to buy mine. Whole place was a disaster by the time she was through."

"Can I see it? Your wand, I mean?"

Flexing her arm and pulling her sleeve, Hermione let her wand slide down into her hand, holding it up for Wesley to see. He smiled as he examined it, his fingers tracing the wood that corkscrewed around the center shaft like ivy.

"It's beautiful," he told her before handing it back.

"Thank you," she replied while secreting the wand back up her sleeve. She then looked at Wesley, realizing just how close he had got to her while they had been talking. Looking into his eyes, she leaned closer to him as he moved toward her, their lips meeting. As they kissed, Wesley's hand came up to cup her head and Hermione wrapped her arm around him, moaning when she felt him pressing against her, warmth rapidly rising between her legs. When they finally parted, she looked at him with a smirk. "So, do I get to see your wand now?"

"Wha--I don't have a--," he started to say in confusion before her meaning sunk in. He laughed softly. "You've seen it before."

"I know. I'd just rather like to see it again," she told him.

Looking around, Wesley saw that no one else was around and slowly unzipped his trousers, pulling himself out. He was already partially erect from the way they had been rubbing against each.

"Since you touched mine," she said, reaching over and taking him in hand, stroking him gently. Wesley's eyes fell closed as his head lolled back.

"Hermione," he hissed, bucking against her hand. His own snaking under her skirt and pushing her panties aside, he found her clit and began to rub it.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: September 8th, 2006 05:27 pm (UTC)
Fred - Sleeping

Fred knew she was about to come. Rupert knew what he was doing and soon Fred came on his tongue. Shaking, she looked down at him and smiled. "That was amazing," she whispered as she ran her hand through his hair. "Now I get to return the favor."

"Fred, if you don't want to--"

"I do," she said.

Rupert nodded and stood. He pulled his pants and boxers off, hissing when the material ran over his erect cock. Sitting on the couch, he watched as Fred slipped off and kneel before him. He hissed in pleasure as she engulfed him with her mouth.

It didn't take Fred long to find her rhythm and soon Rupert was gasping and coming in her mouth with a strangle cry. Once he'd caught his breath, Fred felt him tugging her up and she sat on his knees. "You're really handsome, Rupert," she said, running her fingers over his face. She yawned a little and then blushed.

"And apparently boring!" he said with a cheeky grin. "Are you tired, love?"

"Yeah, a little," Fred said with a tired smile.

"Come along then," Rupert said as he stood up with Fred in his arms. He carried her to the bedroom and softly placed her on the bed before lying behind her. "This better?"

"Yes," Fred said as her eyes started to flutter shut. Soon she was asleep in Rupert's arms, both of their hands lying over her stomach.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: September 9th, 2006 04:59 am (UTC)
Me - Come Hither

Hermione gasped as she pressed against Wesley's hand, her head leaning against his shoulder. It should have bothered her that they were outside where anyone could come along, but it didn't. Ever since she had met Fred, she had become bolder. She and her had shared their first kiss outdoors - a moment that she would never forget as long as she lived.

And she was sure that she'd never forget this either.

As Wesley pressed his thumb against her, she felt one of his fingers slip inside her. Her strokes became faster as he thrust into her, both of their breathing becoming shallower. Hermione bit her lip to keep from crying out, not wanting to attract the attention of anyone that might have been around. It was difficult, though, and she ended up letting out a squeak when he pressed a second finger inside her.

Her body began tightening, her legs tensing as she wanted to close them but couldn't. It became more and more intense until finally, she let go with a shudder as she spasmed around his fingers. Her hand trembling, she gave Wesley a few more strokes. He let out a low moan and spilled over her hand.

"That was...brilliant," he whispered, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a kerchief. Once they had cleaned themselves up, he stood up and helped her to her feet. Smiling at each other, they leaned together and kissed each other softly on the lips before heading back to the Jeep.

"It was nice spending time with you, just the two of us," she told him as they drove back to the flat.

"I agree," he told, touching her cheek briefly.

When they reached the flat, they found it quiet and walked into the bedroom to find Fred and Rupert lying together on the bed, both naked. Grinning at each other, Hermione and Wesley quickly shed their clothing and climbed onto the bed with them, Hermione wrapping her arms around Fred while Wesley spooned up behind his husband.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: September 9th, 2006 06:48 am (UTC)

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