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Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) [userpic]
by Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
at July 30th, 2006 (08:16 pm)

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Continued from here

When Hermione stepped away from her, Fred turned toward the mirror and straightened out her dress. She then set about doing her hair and putting a little bit of makeup on. She especially needed it under her eyes to hide the circles. They hadn't got much sleep after Connor had been kidnapped and taken away.

Once she was finished, she slipped a pair of heels on and looked at Hermione. 'You're so beautiful," she whispered as she smiled. As they moved toward the door, Fred furrowed her brow at Hermione's question. "I don't know. I haven't even thought about that yet!"

She pressed her lips together, trying to think of the perfect gift for them. "Maybe a book? Or we can offer to watch Wesley's apartment for him? Or something?" She said before nervously chewing her lip. "I can't believe I forgot about a gift!"


Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: July 31st, 2006 03:40 am (UTC)
Me - Thoughtful

Hermione smiled at Fred - it wasn't often she was told that she was beautiful. The last time had been the night of the Yule Ball her fourth year at Hogwarts, so long ago now. "You look beautiful too," she told her girlfriend. The blue dress really suited her, and now that she saw Fred in it, she didn't think she wanted it back. She wanted to Fred in it only from now on.

She couldn't believe, though, that neither of them had thought about a gift for the guys until now. Of course, things had been rushed and bit bonkers, but still - it wasn't every day that the man she considered her best friend got married. She felt like they should have something for them.

"Erm," she said, trying to think about what she knew about Rupert and what he had told her about Wesley. "Matching watches? No, that'd be daft. It'd take a good while for us to find them the right book - I know how Rupert can be about those."

She stopped and let out a sigh. Then she grinned. "Why don't we get them two teddy bears or something like that. And then find that book or a painting for them that we can give them when they get back."

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Posted at: July 31st, 2006 08:34 pm (UTC)
Fred - Hair braided

Fred snorted as they walked down the stairs to the lobby. "Wesley is just as bad about books," she said, shaking her head. "Guess I am too." She listened to her girlfriend's suggestions and furrowed her brow. "Oh! I know what to get them until we can find something better."

They got into the lobby and Fred called from a taxi to pick them up. Ending the call she looked at her girlfriend. "They had this tea set back in Sunnydale that they loved. Well, one of the cups broke and they never replaced it. One of the shops downtown has the exact same set and Wesley keeps talking about getting it but he never does because he's been so busy."

She pulled out her phone again before looking up the shop's number. Once she had it, she called them and found out that the tea set was still there, and was actually on sale. After ending the call, she looked at Hermione. "I think we should get it for them," she said with a grin.

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Posted at: August 1st, 2006 03:06 am (UTC)
Me - Admiration

Hermione knew the bear idea was stupid, but it was the best she could come up with on such short notice - she never had been very good with giving gifts. So when Fred mentioned the idea of the tea set, she smiled, remembering how much Rupert had loved his tea. "That's a brilliant idea, love."

And one she probably wouldn't have thought of since she wasn't much of a tea drinker, much to Rupert's chagrin she knew. She always had plenty of pumpkin juice when he came to visit, but tea had been something she had always had to get specially for him when she knew he was going to visit.

When Fred called the ship and found out that set was still there, Hermione nodded. "We should. They'll absolutely love it." She looked at her watch, which had been a gift from her parents a while back. The taxi pulled up outside and honked its horn, so they hurried outside to climb in "Do you think we'll have time to go pick it up? We have about an hour and a half before the ceremony is supposed to start, I think."

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Posted at: August 1st, 2006 05:00 pm (UTC)
Fred - looking down bw

After climbing into the taxi, Fred pursed her lips together. “I think we have time. And you know, did they ever tell us where the ceremony was even going to be?” she asked. Fred couldn’t recall if they had mentioned it the night before, or not. Maybe they had and she hadn’t paid attention.

“Where to ladies?” the cab driver finally asked, looking at the two of them in the rearview mirror.

“Uh, first to 1840 Birch for a few moments so we can pick up a gift,” she told the driver. “Then we’ll tell you after that.” She looked over at Hermione and shrugged. “The shop sells wrapping paper too. We’ll probably have to wrap it in the car.”

It didn’t take them long to get to the shop, and Fred ran in since she knew the set and where it was. Once she’d paid for that, some wrapping, a pair of scissors and some tape, she came back out and got back into the cab. “Got it,” she said, out of breath.

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Posted at: August 2nd, 2006 02:41 am (UTC)
Me - Grin

Furrowing her brow, Hermione thought for a moment, realizing that Fred was right and that neither Wesley or Rupert had told them where the ceremony was going to be. "I just know that they wanted us to meet them at the flat. I suppose they'll tell us once we get there if we're going anywhere else," she said.

Once they reached the shop, Hermione waited with the taxi to make sure that it stayed while Fred went inside to get the set. When she returned, they gave the driver the address for Wesley's flat, and together, they worked on getting the box wrapped. It was a bit of a trick, especially when they went around corners, but by the time they reached the apartment building, they were done. Hermione chuckled as she looked at it.

"Well, they're just going to tear it back off again anyway," she said, giving Fred a grin and a kiss.

After they paid the driver, they climbed out of the car and went up to Wesley's flat. Rupert answered the door, a huge smile on his face - obviously, the day's upcoming even had made him very happy. Hermione didn't blame him. She imagined she'd be the same way on the day she married Fred.

"Glad you two are here," he said, giving both of them a hug. "Once Buffy and Dawn get here, we'll be going down the park outside for the ceremony. Why don't you come in and meet Elaine from the local coven. She'll be performing the binding for us."

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Posted at: August 3rd, 2006 02:53 am (UTC)
With Wes - Looking at book

Fred didn’t know whether to laugh, or cry, over the fact they’d done such a bad job at wrapping the present for the boys. Hermione was right though, and the paper would just get torn but she still wanted it to look perfect. When they finally arrived at Wesley’s apartment, Fred picked up the wrapped box and followed Hermione up the stairs.

“Hi Rupert,” she said. She moved the box out of the way so they can hug. Her body stiffened a little when he said Buffy was coming. She’d heard so much about the Slayer and it seemed to Fred that Buffy was bigger than life. “Where’s Wesley?”

“In the bedroom,” Rupert said as he shut the door behind them.

Fred sat the box down and went to the bedroom. She knocked once and walked in. Wesley was sitting on the bed, breathing deeply. “Nervous?” she asked, shutting the door behind her.

“Just a tad,” Wesley said, adjusting his glasses. “This is a big step for Rupert and I, and I don’t want to muck it up.”

“You won’t,” she said, sitting beside him. She reached over and took his hand. “Rupert loves you, and the both of you will make mistakes along the way but you’ll get through it. I know you will.”

“Thank you, love,” Wesley said with a grateful smile.

Fred looked down at the floor and took a shuddering breath. “You’re still gonna come by the hotel, right? I mean, you aren’t quitting, are you?” she asked, her voice cracking a little. She was happy for Wesley and Rupert, but at the same time she didn’t want to lose Wesley as a friend.

“Oh, Fred,” Wesley said, tucking a finger under her chin. He lifted her head up so he could look her in the eyes. “You’ll always be my favorite research partner. And I’m not quitting.” He leaned forward and softly kissed her forehead.

“Okay,” she quietly said. Out in the living room, she could hear what sounded like two girls talking. “That’s probably Buffy and Dawn. We should probably get out there.”

Wesley nodded and took her hand before leading her out the bedroom door.

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Posted at: August 4th, 2006 02:38 am (UTC)
Me - Hee

While Fred went into the bedroom to see Wesley, Hermione smiled and hugged Rupert again before standing back to look at him. "You look positively chuffed," she told him.

"Of course I do. I'm about to marry the man I love." Rupert glanced over at the bedroom. "Is Fred all right, though? She seemed to freeze up a bit when I mentioned Buffy."

"I think she's a bit nervous around her. At least she seemed to be when we talked to Buffy at the hospital the other day." Hermione shrugged, understanding. When Rupert had talked about the Slayer during his visits back to the UK while she had still been at Hogwarts, she had suddenly undersood what it must have been like to have grown up being told stories about "The Boy Who Lived".

"Buffy doesn't bite." He paused and furrowed his brow. "At least, I don't think she does."

"Rupert!" she said, swatting him with a laugh as there was a knock on the door. He gave her a cheeky grin and then introduced her to Elaine.

"I understand that you're a trained witch," Elaine said.

Hermione nodded just as there was a knock at the door. Rupert went over to open it, smiling when he saw who was there.

"Buffy, Dawn, I'm so glad you're here," he said as the two girls came into the flat.

"We are too!" Dawn said. "I can't believe you're getting married!"

"To Wesley," Buffy added with a laugh. She gave her Watcher a hug. "We're glad you're happy."

"Immensely. You remember Hermione? She was at the hospital the other day with Wesley's friend Fred?"

"Yes," Buffy said, shaking her hand. "Nice to see you again."

Just then, Wesley and Fred came out from the bedroom, and Rupert smiled at his fiance then over at Elaine. "I believe everyone is here, so shall we head out to the park and begin the ceremony?"

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Posted at: August 5th, 2006 01:40 am (UTC)
Fred - BW Dressed up

Fred smiled at Buffy and then noticed the other girl standing beside her. Dawn hadn't been at the hospital when Hermione and her took Wesley there. Stepping forward, she smiled at the girl. "You must be Dawn. I'm Fred," she said, holding out her hand.

"Hi!" Dawn cheerfully said as she took Fred's hand into her. "I love the dress! Where'd you get it?"

"Oh, it's Hermione's," Fred said, motioning toward her girlfriend. "She just altered it a little for me."

"I still think it's cool," Dawn said with a huge grin.

"Great, my sister has found someone else to bug about clothes," Buffy said with a smile. "Hey, Fred."

"Hi, Buffy."

"Now that the chatting is quite finished, I wouldn't mind getting over to the park so I can marry my boyfriend," Wesley said. Everyone chuckled and headed out the door, and across the street to the park.

Once they found an empty spot, Elaine started setting up the altar for the ceremony. "This is so exciting, don't you think?" Fred asked as she took Hermione's hand into hers.

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Posted at: August 6th, 2006 09:14 pm (UTC)
Me - Happy

The excitement on Rupert and Wesley's faces were obvious as they headed down to the park, both of them holding each other's hands tightly. Just before they entered the park, however, Rupert turned to Hermione and gave her a smile as he pulled something out of his pocket.

"Would you hold these for us, love?" he asked her, handing over the box. Hermione opened it up and grinned when she saw the two gold bands nestled inside together.

"They're lovely, Rupert," she told him. "Where did you get them so fast?"

"Called in a favor with a friend."

Holding the ring box tightly in her hand, Hermione walked into the park with him and joined the others, taking Fred's hand in her free one as Elaine prepared everything. She nodded at her girlfriend's question. "It is. It's nice to be celebrating something good for once." The last time she had been to a ceremony of any kind, it had been Ron's funeral, she recalled sadly.

When Elaine finished her set up, she looked at them. "I ask the four gathered here to witness the joining of Wesley and Rupert to take up each of the points of the sacred circle."

Once they were in position, Hermione, Fred, Buffy and Dawn at the directional points, Elaine cast the circle and then turned to the two men standing in the middle with her.

"Wesley, why have you come here today?" she asked.

"To join myself to this man that I love," he answered with a smile.

"And Rupert, why have you come here today?"

Rupert looked over at Wesley, squeezing his hand tightly. "To join myself to this man that I love."

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Posted at: August 7th, 2006 01:26 am (UTC)
Fred - Dressed up

Fred watched, with a smile, as her best friend married the man of his dreams. When the ceremony was over, Rupert turned to all of them and smiled. "There's refreshments at the flat. We wanted to have a full luncheon but our plane leaves in five hours so we're a bit tight on time," he told them.

All of them turned and went back to Wesley's apartment, where they had drinks and a few snacks. Fred sat down on the couch and smiled when Rupert sat down beside her. "I don't have to give you the speech about taking care of him, do I? He's my best friend and if you do anything to hurt him..." she said with a cheeky grin.

Rupert chuckled and shook his head. "I'll take care of him and try my best to share him with you," he said with a grin of his own.

"I know," Fred said before she leaned over and kissed his cheek. "Congratulations. Maybe the next wedding will be Hermione and I."

"Hopefully," Rupert said as Fred stood and went over to speak with her girlfriend.

"Hey," she said, wrapping her arms around Hermione. "We should do something like this someday."

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Me - Hee

"So you're Giles' friend who's the witch?" Dawn asked as they stood in Wesley's apartment following the ceremony. "Like a trained witch, not like Willow."

Hermione let out a soft snort. "Yes, I'm a trained witch. Went to school, have the certificate and everything. I didn't realize Rupert had talked about me."

"Only every time he came back from England," the younger woman told her as she poured herself some soda and took a drink. "I think you were one of the things he missed most about home."

She blushed a bit and looked down. "Well, I missed him. I'm glad that I could be here today."

"Yeah, who would have thought he'd end up marrying Wesley. I guess I should say congratulations to him."

As Dawn wandered over to talk to Wesley, Hermione looked over as Fred came over and wrapped her arms around her. She smiled, pulling her closer and leaning her head against her.

"We should," she said in agreement, knowing that even though she had only known Fred for a few days, she wanted that with her. She looked down at her, raising an eyebrow as she smiled. "How soon a someday were you thinking?"

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Fred - Happy in pink sweater

Soon. But first I want to take you back to the hotel, strip you naked and--"

"Hey," came Buffy's voice as she walked up to Fred and Hermione. "Do you think I could speak to the two of you in the kitchen?"

Fred looked at Hermione and then nodded. They walked into the kitchen and she looked at Buffy. "What's going on?" she asked.

"I didn't want to say anything to Giles because it's his wedding day but something strange is going on in Sunnydale. People are seeing...well, dead people. Willow saw Tara last night and I saw my mother. And they seem like they're trying to turn us against each other," Buffy quietly said. "Willow and I thought maybe the two of you could help us research it."

"So it's ghosts?" Fred asked with a confused look.

Buffy shook her head. "I think it's something called the First...as in the First Evil. A few years ago Angel was visited by people he'd killed as Angelus and Giles and I figured it was the First but it stopped so we stopped researching it. Giles took all of this books with him so Willow and I need your help," she whispered as she looked at them.

"I don't see why we can't. Wesley has asked us to take care of his apartment while he's gone so we can do it then," Fred said as she looked over at Hermione.

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Posted at: August 8th, 2006 02:00 am (UTC)
Me - Determined

Hermione had been grinning at what Fred was telling her through their psychic connection when Buffy interrupted them, obviously worried about something. Once they were in the kitchen, she listened to what Buffy had to say, furrowing her brow. Obviously, it had spooked the Slayer quite a lot, but she was trying very hard not to ruin the day for Rupert and Wesley.

When Fred offered to help them while the guys were gone, Hermione nodded in agreement. "Of course, we'll help," she said.

Part of her didn't want to keep this from Rupert - she remembered a little of what he had told her about the First in one of their floo talks a few years ago - but at the same time, she didn't want Wesley and Rupert to not have their time together either. She knew how badly both of them wanted and needed this holiday.

"I think I know some of the books that Rupert was using at the time, so we can start there," she offered.

"Start where?" Rupert asked, coming into the kitchen. "What are you three doing in here?"

"We just came in to get some ice," Buffy told him. "And I was asking if Hermione had any advice that I could give to Willow before she leaves for England tomorrow."

Hermione nodded, going along with Buffy. "And I was saying that the kind of magic I practice is different from the kind Willow knows as what she learned is far more addictive due to its nature and source. But in both, the key is learning to respect the magic, so she should start there."

"Very good advice, that," Rupert said with a nod. "Now why don't you three come back out. Wesley and I want to spend as much time with you as possible before we go."

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Posted at: August 8th, 2006 03:44 am (UTC)
Fred - Fangirl

Fred jumped when Rupert walked into the kitchen. She opened her mouth to say something but it would seem Buffy and Hermione had everything covered. When Rupert walked out again, Fred gave Hermione an amused look and walked out into the living room. Wesley was sitting on the couch by himself so she walked over and sat down beside him.

"Getting excited?" she asked.

"Hmm? Oh, yes, of course," Wesley said as he smiled at Fred.

"You packed everything right? Sex toy, lube, batteries...."

Wesley's mouth fell open and he turned several shades of red. "Fred!" he whispered before looking around, hoping no one had heard her. "That...that's quite enough!"

Fred grinned at him and softly kissed his cheek. Just about then Rupert walked up and grinned at the two. "I see you've been teasing my husband again," he said with a chuckle.

"Not teasing! Just asking him a question or two," Fred said with a wink.

"She was teasing," Wesley muttered as he blushed again.

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Posted at: August 9th, 2006 02:37 am (UTC)
Me - Explaining

"So basically, the First can only take on the form of someone who's died," Hermione said as she closed the book sitting on the coffee table in front of her. She looked up at her girlfriend with a sigh. "And that's the exact same thing the other books said."

She shook her head and sat back, rubbing the back of her neck as stared at the closed book. They had been trying to track down information on the First for the last few weeks, but all they had managed to find in Wesley's books were vague references and accounts of people who had encoutered the First. All of them spoke of dealing with something incredibly evil wearing the face of a loved one who had passed on, trying to convince them of the futility of life.

But none of the accounts seemed to know why this was being done to them or how to stop it.

"We're going to need Rupert and Wesley if we're going to go any further, I think," Hermione told Fred with a sigh before standing up and stretching. She then looked over at the clock. "Speaking of which, we'd better head for the airport - their flight is going to get in soon."

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Posted at: August 9th, 2006 04:03 am (UTC)
Fred - Cheeky Look

Fred knew Hermione was right - they needed Wesley and Rupert to help them figure out more about the First. Thankfully, the two men were returning from their trip to France and could probably help them more. Fred just hoped Rupert wouldn't be too upset with them for lying to him before Wesley and him had left for their honeymoon.

"You're right," Fred said, glancing at the clock. She stood and put Wesley's books away and picked up the keys to his jeep. The two of them went down to the car and headed for the airport. Since they couldn't go all the way inside, they stood in the main part and waited for the boys to show up.

When they did, Fred grinned and hugged the both of them before they turned and hugged Hermione. "Look at you Wesley! You're all tanned!" Fred said as they went over to baggage claim.

"He burnt first," Rupert said with a smirk.

Once they had their luggage, Fred took Hermione's hand and all of them headed out to the jeep. "You two don't have plans for tonight, do you?" Wesley asked as he put the luggage in the back. "Ru-Rupert and I have something we need to discuss with the two of you."

Fred glanced at Hermione and then back toward Wesley. "Whatever it is, I didn't do it!"

"It's nothing bad," Rupert said as Wesley took his hand. "At least we don't think it is."

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Posted at: August 10th, 2006 02:02 am (UTC)
Me - Listening

Hemione looked over at Fred, taking her hand in mirror of Rupert and Wesley, exchanging a glance with her. "We didn't have any plans, no. There was actually something we needed to talk to you about as well."

"Perhaps we could pick up dinner somewhere, then, and take it back to the flat," Rupert suggested as Wesley took the car keys from Fred and circled around to the driver's side of his Jeep.

After the rest of them piled in, they headed back, stopping briefly to pick up some Chinese food. Once they were back at the flat, they all sat at the table, sharing the food. Hermione and Fred looked at each other, wondering whether they should tell them what they had been researching first, but before they could, Wesley cleared his throat.

"We--uh...well, while we were on our honeymoon, Rupert and I talked about where we're going to go from here. We've decided that we'd like to get a house, maybe up in the hills somewhere." They exchanged a smile, and Rupert placed his hand over his husband's, taking it over from there.

"We want a house because we've decided that we'd rather like to have a family...a child."

"Oh, Rupert, that's wonderful," Hermione said with a smile.

"We think so. And we've decided - adoption can take quite a long time and can be a bit difficult for even a heterosexual couple nowadays. So we were wondering...we quite love it if...one of the two of you would be willing to carry a child for us." He gave both of them a smile. "We'd of course want both of you to be involved in his or her life as well. So it wouldn't so much be for the two of us as for the four of us, really."

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Posted at: August 10th, 2006 03:48 am (UTC)
Fred - Hair braided

Fred took Hermione's hand as Wesley and Rupert started to speak. When they mentioned getting a house, she grinned at them. A house did sound nice and she started to wonder if Hermione and her would ever have a house. Then they mentioned having a child and she grinned even bigger. She knew they would be wonderful fathers.

When they mentioned they didn't want to adopt because of the difficulty, Fred furrowed her brow, wondering what they were going to do. Then they dropped their bomb. "Oh, um." She looked over at Hermione before looking at Wesley and Rupert again. "How...how would the baby be conceived?"

"By old fashioned means," Rupert said before clearing his throat. "Wesley and I discussed it and having to go to a specialists and having them fertilize an egg and then implant it back into one of you sounded like too much work, plus a bit dangerous. All of us here have enemies and if they caught wind, they might try something."

"Plus, we could make charts to figure out when the mother will be ovulating and we would only have intercourse those days," Wesley explained. "Also, we don't want to know who the father is so the mother would have to have intercourse with the both of us." He paused for a moment and shook his head. "I'm sorry. Perhaps we shouldn't had brought it up."

"Wait," Fred said, grabbing his hand. "I want to do it. If it's all right with Hermione." She looked over at her girlfriend. "Unless you want to do it."

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Posted at: August 11th, 2006 02:16 am (UTC)
Me - Trying Not to Cry

When Rupert asked that one of them carry a child for them, Hermione felt her throat tighten. She had never told him, so of course, he didn't know. And at the time, she had tried to convince herself that it didn't matter and wouldn't be an issue, but now...

She listened as Rupert explained that he and Wesley wanted to be a part of the conception, and that they wanted to do it the way most everyone did since in-vitro fertilization was so uncertain in so many ways. Her heart ached a little bit, especially when Fred gripped her hand and said that she wanted to do it. Looking over at her, she gave her a sad smile.

"I can't," she said softly. She then glanced over at Rupert. "I never told you... When Voldemort...when he--during the final battle..." She stopped and took a deep breath as she looked down at herself. "Fred, I told you that Ron died saving me - that he distracted Voldemort while he was hurting me. He...Voldemort did a lot of damage, and part of it is...I can never carry a child."

She shrugged and blinked back tears, taking Fred's hand and squeezing it tightly. "But that doesn't mean that you don't deserve to be fathers, or that Fred shouldn't do this. Love, if you want to carry a child for Wesley and Rupert, I'll be there with you every step of the way, I promise. I'll be there with all three of you."

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Posted at: August 11th, 2006 03:40 am (UTC)
Fred - Huh?

When Hermione admitted that she couldn't have children, Fred frowned. She was about to tell Rupert and Wesley that maybe it was a bad idea, but then Hermione told her she wanted her to do it. Fred gave her a soft smile before pulling her close. "I love you so much, Hermione. And this is going to be for all of us," she whispered. She saw the tears in her girlfriend's eyes. "And no crying because then I'll start crying, and I'm pretty sure Wesley will follow suit."

"So, um, how do you lot want to work this?" Wesley said after he rolled his eyes at Fred. "M-Make a chart and go from there?"

"I want Hermione to be involved in everything. From the conception to the morning sickness to the birth," Fred said, looking at the two men. "If I'm going to sleep with the both of you, then I want Hermione right there, in the same room."

Wesley flustered a bit and Rupert smiled. "I think we can handle that," he said, looking over at his husband. "Oh do close your mouth Wesley. It's Fred and Hermione and I'm sure you've seen a naked woman before," he said, shaking his head.

"How...how are we going to do it though? All four of us in the same bed at the same time?" Wesley asked with a squeak.

"We could try that," Rupert said, looking over at the girls. "Would you be willing to experiment with it...tonight?"

Fred blushed and looked over at Hermione. "It...it might be good to try before I ovulate," she said, looking at her girlfriend.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 12th, 2006 03:01 am (UTC)
Me - Seeing Love

When Fred said she wanted her in on everything, Hermione smiled at first, then blushed when she said that she wanted her in the room when the conception took place. That meant that she would be watching--that she would see Rupert...

She swallowed a bit. When she had first met Rupert, she had a bit of a crush on him, mainly, she thought, looking back on it years later, because he had been the first person to accept her from the beginning and never make her feel bad about being smart and curious. But that crush had never gone anywhere, of course, and now...now she was in love with a woman who was going to sleep with him.

When he asked if they wanted to experiment together that night, Hermione looked over at Fred at her remark and nodded. "I--if...if you think it'll help us for when the time comes..."

She glanced over at Rupert and Wesley. She knew they could trust them and knew they wouldn't hurt either of them, just like they wouldn't hurt them. If this had been anyone else, she would have said no. This wouldn't have felt right.

"All right," she said softly.

When Rupert looked at his husband, Wesley nodded. "Then come on," he said, standing up from the table and taking Wesley's and Hermione's hands. Hermione and Wesley then took each of Fred's.

Together they walked into the bedroom and looked at Wesley's bed, then at each other.

"Where--how should we start?" Wesley asked.

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Posted at: August 12th, 2006 04:56 am (UTC)
Fred - Cute smile noe

Fred nervously chewed on her bottom lip as she waited for Hermione to answer. She could admit she was nervous about all of this. Wesley, who’d been her closest friend since Pylea, wasn’t what she was concerned about. They were close and always hugging, and she had seen him naked once. She was more afraid of Rupert because, well, he was Rupert.

When Hermione said yes, along with Wesley, Fred stood from the table and walked to the bedroom with them. “How about we pair off with the person we’re most comfortable with?” she suggested. “I’ll go with Wesley, and Hermione can go with Rupert.”

“Good idea, Fred,” Rupert said, with a nod.

She stepped over to Wesley and took his hand into his. “We can probably sit down,” she said. He nodded and they sat on the other side of the bed. “You okay with this?”

“Yes,” Wesley said, giving her a warm smile. “I...thank you for doing this for us, Fred. It means a lot to us. I-I have to warn though...it’s been quite a while since I’ve been with a woman.”

“I haven’t been with a man since a few years before Pylea, so you have to be a little gentle. Think you can handle that?” Fred quietly asked. Wesley looked at her and nodded. “Okay. Do you want to undress me or would you rather have me do it myself?”

“I can do it,” he said, reaching over and tugging her sweater off. He then leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss that slowly deepened. When they pulled apart, Fred returned the favor and pulled Wesley’s shirt off. “You’re beautiful, Fred.”

“Thank you,” she said as Wesley pulled her down and they laid side-by-side, kissing as they fumbled with the buttons on each other’s jeans.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 12th, 2006 07:33 pm (UTC)
Me - Magic to Do

When Fred mentioned her pairing off with Rupert, Hermione suddenly realized just what her girlfriend meant by having her involved in everything. She didn't just want her in the room with them - she actually wanted her to take part and be with the guys like she was going to be. The guys seemed to accept this too as Fred took Wesley's hand and lead him over to the bed.

Taking a deep a breath, she looked over at Rupert, feeling her heart pounding in her chest as he moved closer to her, reaching up to cup his hand to her neck.

"Are you all right?" he asked, looking down at her.

"I...I just never expected..." she tried to tell him.

"Hermione, what you're agreeing to let Fred do is an amazing display of the trust and love you have for her, and both Wesley and I realize that. You're as much a part of this, and this baby - when it comes time to conceive him or her - is going to be conceived in love, so that means that you're going to be a part of everything we do. Fred wants you to experience everything in this, so she wants you to be with us as well, and I think that's a good idea."

She nodded, reaching up to cup his hand. "We've known each other forever, Rupert. I just don't want our friendship to..."

"Haven't you heard the adage that friends make the best lovers?" he asked before leaning down to kiss her. Hermione tensed for a moment, but then relaxed into the kiss. Part of her thought it should have felt strange to be kissing Rupert, but it actually felt very nice, not weird at all.

His hand moved down from her neck to find the buttons of her shirt, undoing them. Once he had pushed it off over her shoulder, Hermione reached for his jumper and pulled it up over his head, dropping it to the floor. They had a bit of trouble getting each other trousers undone, so they ended up taking their own ones off, so they were standing facing in each other in their undergarments.

"Come here," he told her softly, taking her hand and drawing her over to sit on the other side of the bed from Wesley and Fred. "How long has it been since you were with a man?"

"Since I was almost seventeen," she told him. "Viktor."

"I'll go slow then," he promised.

Nodding, Hermione reached over and touched Fred's shoulder to let her know she was there. I love you, she told her as Rupert leaned her back and kissed her gently.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: August 12th, 2006 09:03 pm (UTC)
Fred - Bored noe

Fred felt Hermione's hand on her shoulder and grinned. I love you too. So very much. She then reached down and continued to get Wesley's jeans undone. It was then that she noticed how close to the edge of the bed Wesley was and before she could say anything, he slipped off and onto the floor. "Are you okay?" she asked, trying hard not to giggle but it came out anyway.

"I'm all right," Wesley said as he stood up. Fred slipped off the bed and smiled. She took her jeans and panties off while Wesley took his jeans and boxers off. Looking down, Fred saw how hard he was and she felt herself throb in anticipation. Fred had sometimes wondered what it would be like to be with Wesley, but never acted on her feelings because he was very much in love with Rupert.

"You're beautiful too," she whispered to him before she laid down on the bed. She glanced over at Hermione and Rupert, the sight of seeing him kissing his girlfriend, and touching her was turning Fred on even more. She reached over and softly touched Hermione's cheek before looking up at Wesley. "Not going to fall off again, are ya Wesley?"

"Now, now, Fred," Wesley said, grinning down at her, his erection brushing against her thigh. "I know where you're ticklish at!"

"You wouldn't!"

Wesley continued to grin before he started to tickle her sides. Fred yelped and giggled as she felt Wesley gently nudge her legs apart. "Ready love?" he asked as he dipped his head down and softly suckled one of her nipples.

She gasped and nodded. "Yes," she whispered before reaching over and taking Hermione's hand into hers.

I want them to feel what we feel when we make love.

"Love you, Fred," Wesley whispered before slowly pushing himself into her.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 14th, 2006 01:24 am (UTC)
Me - Come Hither

She was kissing Rupert.

She was almost completely naked next to her girlfriend on the bed and kissing Rupert and about to have sex with him while Fred had sex with his husband. It had to be the most surreal moment in her life, even more surreal that when she had learned she was a witch. Even more than when she, Ron and Harry had struck out on their own that final year, uncertain as to where they were going.

Suddenly, there was a thump next to them, and she and Rupert broke apart, looking over to see Wesley on the floor. Both of them burst out laughing at the sight, which quickly died away when both of their lovers took off their clothes. Rupert shifted against her, and she could feel his hardening erection through his boxers, causing her to groan as she felt herself throb. He kissed her again, reaching down to pull her panties down, and Hermione felt Fred's fingers on her cheek, both touches causing her to arch slightly as need coiled down inside her. Grasping Rupert's boxers, she pushed them off them as he nuzzled her breasts through the material of her bra.

She felt Fred taking her hand, and she looked over at her love, seeing the expression on her face and the way her body reacted as Wesley entered her. She would have thought that the sight of someone else making love to the woman she loved more than anything would have made her a least a little jealous, but she wasn't. Instead, she couldn't help but think how beautiful Fred looked. How beautiful both of them looked, actually.

"Hermione?" Rupert asked softly, and she looked back up into his eyes. He nudged her legs apart, rubbing his fingers along the inside of her thigh before drawing them through her folds, causing her to gasp.

She was really going to do this. She was really going to have sex with Rupert Giles.

Reaching down with her free hand, she took him in her hand and helped guide him to her, remembering how Viktor had needed help to put it in. Rupert shook his head, though, and drew her hand away, holding it against her hip with his as he slid into her. She gasped as the long-forgotten feeling of being opened up this way washed over her, slightly painful.

"Oh lord, Hermione," Rupert murmured, stopping for a moment. "You okay?"

She nodded, and he pushed forward a bit more, a little at a time until he was all the way inside her.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: August 14th, 2006 03:33 am (UTC)
Fred - Glowing

Fred shut her eyes as she felt Wesley slowly push into her. It'd been close to seven years since she'd been with a man and it hurt a little. She felt his hand caressing her face and she opened her eyes and looked up. His face was etched with concern, warmth and love and smiled a little. "I'm fine. You're not hurting me," she assured him.

She turned her head a bit and watched as Rupert entered her girlfriend. They looked so beautiful together - so right. It almost seemed as if they were meant to do this - that all of them were meant to do it. With a sigh, she tightened her grip on Hermione's hand and wrapped her legs, and free arm, around Wesley.

"You're beautiful, Fred." Wesley then looked at his lover and Hermione. "They're beautiful too."

"They are," Fred whispered.

Wesley started to thrust into her a little faster as his hand found her clit and softly fondled it. She felt the energy build inside of her and arched back. Apparently Wesley felt it too and stopped mid-thrust. "What...Fred?" he asked before groaning at the feel of the energy around his cock.

"It's my energy. Hermione and I want to share with Rupert and you," she said.

Wesley smiled and continued to thrust into her as he nuzzled her neck. Fred knew she wasn't going to last long and she thrust up against him, wanting to feel his warmth flood her. "Wesley..." she whimpered. "I'm..."

"I know, love. Just let go," he whispered in her ear.

Fred arched up and let out a cry as she came, the energy popping inside of her. Seconds later, Wesley let out a cry of his own as his spilled himself inside of her.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 15th, 2006 02:52 am (UTC)
Me - Kissing

Breathing deeply for a few moments, Hermione adjusted to the feel of Rupert inside her as he looked down at her. Never would have thought she'd be here like this with him, but she was, and as strange as the situation seemed, she knew how much both Wesley and Rupert cared for them and how much they cared for both men, so agreeing to this, being together like this...it was right.

As Rupert looked down at her, she nodded, and a smile crossed his face. Slowly, he began moving within her. Hermione grasped Fred's hand tighter as she gasped, throwing her head back against the pillow. "Ohhh...Oh, Merlin..."

"Hermione, do you...?"

"No, don't stop," she whispered, wrapping her legs around him. Just then, she felt the energy starting to pulse through her connection with Fred. Rupert's eyes widened, and she knew he was able to feel it. "That's what we were telling you about. That's Fred when she's with me."

"Bloody hell," he breathed out and began to thrust a bit faster, leaning down to nip her through her bra.

With a soft cry, she bucked her hips up. She didn't know whether it was Rupert's experience or the energy crackling through her girlfriend, but this was completely different than her other experience with a man. She was starting to feel like she was hanging by a thread, caught between the sensations Rupert was causing with his movements and the energy coursing through her from Fred.

She could feel Fred's energy becoming stronger and stronger, getting ready to overwhelm her. "Rupert...ohhh...we're not going to...when she..."

Then the energy from Fred crashed over her like a wave, breaking the thread. Hermione cried out, spasming around Rupert, just as he groaned, his warmth filling her up as he throbbed inside her.

After a few moments, he collapsed slightly against her, then reached up to gently push back Hermione's damp from her face and give her a kiss before looking over at Fred and Wesley. "I can honestly say I've never had an experience like that before."

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: August 15th, 2006 04:18 am (UTC)
Fred - Hide

Fred took a few short breaths, trying hard to be able to breathe. She looked up at Wesley and gave him a smile as she watched a bead of sweat trickle down his cheek. "That was amazing," she whispered. She turned her head and smiled at Hermione and Rupert as they tried to catch their breaths too. And when Rupert made his comment, Fred furiously blushed. "It's nothing really."

Wesley slowly pulled himself out of Fred and smiled. "I'll be right back," he whispered before walking out of the room. Fred laid there and slowly let go of Hermione's hand as the last part of the energy ran through them. Wesley shortly returned with two towels, and a couple of washcloths.

He handed one of each to Rupert and then hovered over Fred and carefully cleaned her off as Rupert did the same to Hermione. Fred laid back, loving the feel of Wesley's gentle touch on her body. When he was finished, he wiped himself off and threw the towels in the corner.

"Ready to trade places, love?" Wesley asked, looking at Rupert.

Fred looked at Wesley and brightly blushed. She had almost forgotten she was going to sleep with Rupert too. "I-I-I...um..." she quietly said as she watched Wesley get up to switch places with Rupert.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 16th, 2006 02:18 am (UTC)
Me - Kissing

As the energy between them disapated, Hermione looked over at Fred, still amazed by what had happened - the fact that they had just had sex with Wesley and Rupert, and it had been a wonderful moment between the the four of them. It should have been awkward, she would have thought, sharing partners this way, but it wasn't. She felt...wonderful and loved and part of something that she knew was going be special.

Once Rupert had cleaned her up, she smiled up at him, seeing the twinkle in his eyes. This was definitely a turn in her life she would have never forseen coming.

Then they mentioned trading places, and Hermiones felt her eyes widen a bit. Of course, they had wanted both of them to have sex with Fred, so of course that would mean both of them would sleep with her too. Looking at Wesley as he moved over to her, she gave him a nervous smile. She knew he was a sweet and nice man who would never hurt her, but still, she was about to be with Rupert's husband.

"I suppose this is one way to get to know one another better," she said softly, causing him to laugh. He ran his hands up her thighs as he settled between her legs.

"I don't think I could have asked for a better person for my best friend," he told her.

"Or for mine. What do you...? I mean...I'm not...do you want..." She lifted her head up as he leaned down, and they knocked foreheads. Not too hard, but just a bit. "I'm sorry."

"No. It's all right. Here." Wesley reached up and cupped her face gently. "Let's start here."

Moving forward again, he gave her a gentle, searching kiss, and Hermione felt herself responding to him.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: August 16th, 2006 04:17 am (UTC)
Fred - Bored noe

When Rupert settled down beside her, Fred started to furiously blush. She ducked her head and shuddered a bit when she felt his fingertips on her side. Looking up at him, Fred saw the warmth in his eyes and she gave him a nervous smiled. "I-I...this was easier with Wesley," she quietly admitted.

"I'm sure it was since you've known him longer," Rupert said, his fingers moving up and over her neck. "Why do I make you nervous, love?"

Fred blushed again and looked down. "Because Wesley always talked about you and made you sound bigger than life. And you sorta are," she quietly said.

Rupert chucked a little and crooked his finger under her chin. He lifted it so they were looking at each other. "I'm just Rupert, Fred. Nothing special. And please remember, Wesley's terribly in love with me so he's bound to stretch the truth," he said with a smile.

"You are special because Hermione loves you," she whispered.

"Well, that makes you rather special too since Hermione's in love with you," he said before he leaned forward and softly kissed her lips. Fred slowly responded and when they broke apart, she smiled. "You all right now?"

"Yes," she said before looking down. "Do you want me to...?"

"Please," Rupert said as he leaned down and sucked one of Fred's nipples into his mouth. Fred moaned and ran her hand down and started to stroke his cock to hardness.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 17th, 2006 04:33 am (UTC)
Me - In Bed

When Wesley and Hermione parted from their kiss, she looked up at him, giving him a smile. "I think I see part of why Rupert loves you so much," she teased him softly, her fingers running up his neck to trace over his jawline. He returned her smile and turned his head slightly to kiss her fingers.

"He does love me for more than my body, you know," he replied, causing her to laugh.

"Of course he does. He's not a slapper...much," she said.

"I heard that," Rupert mumbled against Fred's breasts, causing both Wesley and Hermione to look over at them.

Hermione felt herself throb a bit at the sight of her best friend and her lover together, Rupert sucking on her nipple while Fred stroked him. She groaned a little, reaching for Wesley's cock. She was a bit unsure about how hard to rub him, but he seemed to like it. His fingers traced down over her, pushing gently between her legs and into her folds, rubbing over her clit. Hermione gasped, arching slightly beneath him.

Pushing her bra up, he nuzzled her breast while he continued to stroke her until Hermione didn't think she could stand it anymore. Suddenly, he stilled her hand and pulled her up, so both of them were both almost sitting upright. He rested her onto his lap, pushing himself into her as he did.

"Wes," she groaned softly, wrapping herself around him, her ankle hooking over Fred's.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: August 17th, 2006 04:52 am (UTC)
Fred - Glowing

Fred hadn't hear a word Hermione had said, considering she was so caught up in what Rupert was doing to her. When he mumbled against her breast, Fred turned and looked at Hermione and Wesley. "Is he causing trouble again?" she asked, looking down at Rupert, her hand still stroking his cock.

"When isn't he causing trouble?" he asked with a cheeky grin. He then moved up and deeply kissed Fred and reached down to stop her hand. "I'm ready now." He flipped them over so Fred was on top and she moved so he could thrust up into her.

"God, Rupert," Fred moaned when he pushed into her tightness.

His hands moved over her breasts as he continued to thrust up into her, his thumbs pushing against her nipples. Fred gasped and threw her head back and shuddered when one of Rupert's fingers found her clit and started to rub it in tight circles. "Come here," he said, pulling her head down so he could kiss her.

Rupert's free hand moved over the small of her back and stopped on the ridges of scars. Fred looked at him and whispered, "Pylea."

"I figured," he said, giving her a warm look. "You're quite brave, Fred."

She blushed and pressed her forehead against his shoulder. Her body started to tighten up and she reached over and laid on a hand on Hermione's back, which made her tighten even more.

"Fred...I want to feel you come around me," Rupert groaned as he thrust into her harder.

His whispered words were enough as a burst of energy ran through her and they both cried out as their orgasms ran through their bodies.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 18th, 2006 03:04 am (UTC)
Me - Want You

It had been so long since Hermione had been with a man, and now, she had been with two in one night. Holding onto Wesley's shoulders, she pushed herself down onto him as he bucked his hips up. She had never even thought of attempting this position with anyone before, but it let her control the speed and let her look into Wesley's blue eyes.

She smiled at him. "This should be so strange, but it's not."

"I know," he said, resting his forehead to hers, his fingers caressing up the sides of her ribcage to her breasts and over her nipples. "When Rupert mentioned the idea, I wasn't so sure...and then he suggested this, and I really wasn't sure, but this...it actually is turning out to be quite wonderful."

They looked over at their lovers at this, the sight of Fred riding Rupert causing both of them to throb a bit. Hermione could feel Wesley twitch inside her.

Turning back to him, she began moving a bit faster on him, trying to get her thrusting just right to rub her clit against him. Finally, she found it and was moving against him, feeling the pleasure beginning to build up in her. Then Fred laid her hand on her back, and the familiar shock of energy began to run through her, causing her to groan.

"Oh, God," she moaned.

"I can feel it through you too," Wesley whispered before kissing her.

Just then both of them felt Fred and Rupert orgasm, and for a moment neither of them was able to move, then suddenly Hermione thrust down onto Wesley and let out a cry. She was followed a moment later by Wesley, and she could feel him throbbing inside her again as his release filled her up.

"Oh, Merlin," she groaned, still shuddering as Wesley's hands continued to roam over her body.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: August 18th, 2006 04:05 am (UTC)
Fred - Love

"You're going to get us addicted to this, you know," Rupert chuckled as he pulled Fred against him. He cradled her against him as his fingers lightly ran over her back. "You're quite amazing, Fred."

"Hermione too," she muttered, giving her girlfriend a loving look. "She's part of the energy too."

"Hermione too," Rupert said as he reached over and softly touched Hermione's cheek.

Fred smiled and slipped off Rupert and picked up the towel and cleaned the both of them off. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at him. She couldn't believe that an hour before she'd been scared of him and now she was looking at his naked body.

"Stop ogling my husband!" Wesley said in mock anger. "What do call your kind on the talk shows? Home wreaker!"

Fred rolled her eyes and looked down at Rupert. "Your husband's a dork," she said before she climbed over Rupert's body and sat between them. She reached over and softly ran her fingers over Hermione's back and looked at Wesley. "Can I have my girlfriend back?"

"Maybe..." Wesley said with a cheeky grin.

Fred reached out to pinch him when she felt Rupert's fingers run over the scars on her back. She wanted to move away but when she turned and saw the look on his face, she didn't. Instead, she watched as his eyes went to the scars on Hermione's body.

"Our girls are amazing, aren't they, love?" he asked.

Wesley smiled and nodded.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 20th, 2006 06:02 am (UTC)
Me - Seeing Love

When Fred touched her face, Hermione looked over smiling at her, amazed at what they were now a part of. She had never felt anything like this before. And while Fred cleaned herself and Rupert, she found herself just sitting there, not wanting to move. She felt like her limbs were made of rubber - a feeling she was starting to realize was part of being in love with and making love to Fred.

She laughed, though, and slipped off Wesley at Fred's request that he give her back. She was about to say something when she noticed Rupert studying to scars on both her and Fred's bodies. Besides Fred, before today, the only one to see them had been the mediwitch at St. Mungo's. Now, both Rupert and Wesley had seen them...

And they still thought they were amazing. Looking down, Hermione blushed while Wesley leaned over and grabbed one of the towels, using it to clean both of them off.

"Can...can I ask...exactly what happened to you?" he asked softly. "I heard about the battle with Voldemort, of course, but..."

Swallowing, Hermione looked over at Fred, reaching over and taking her hand in his. "Harry needed someone to distract Voldemort, and since I was the best at transfiguration, I volunteered. He...he figured out that...he caught me and started using me--started 'experimenting' on me with different spells." She shrugged. "It took the mediwitch a week to figure out everything he had done to me."

"You survived, though, because you're so strong and talented in magic," Rupert told her. "Both of you survived because you're strong in your own ways. We couldn't ask...we're definitely lucky to have two wonderful girls like you in this with us."

"I think we're pretty lucky too when it comes to the two of you," Hermione replied.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: August 20th, 2006 06:38 am (UTC)
Fred - Sitting back with popcorn noe

Fred took Hermione's hand as she told Wesley about what had happened to her. She never liked hearing about it because it scared her to think Hermione could've died, even though she didn't know her then. After Hermione was finished, she leaned forward and softly kissed her just as Rupert started to talk.

She broke the kiss and looked over at him. "You don't have to kiss up to get more sex, Rupert," Fred said, giving him a cheeky grin. Rupert reached out for her but she quickly jumped out of the bed. "I'm hungry." She picked up Wesley's shirt and slipped it on before walking out into the living room. "Oh, Hermione, don't forget we need to tell them about the First."

"The First?" Rupert said.

Fred found some cookies and brought them back in. She sat down on the bed and started to eat them. "Buffy asked us to research the First for her," she explained. "But we didn't find anything."

"Why would Buffy want you to research the first?" Rupert asked as he sat up and grabbed one of the cookies. "What aren't you two telling us?"

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: August 20th, 2006 10:31 pm (UTC)
Me - Explaining

Continued here.

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