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Hermione Jean Granger [userpic]
by Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
at June 4th, 2006 (02:12 pm)

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Continued from here.

Hermione nodded at Fred's comment - it definitely was easier to deal with magic and power when you trusted the people either learning with you or teaching you. She had found that at Hogwarts. The classes they had with the Slytherins had been more difficult than the classes with those from Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw due to the fact that neither House trusted or liked the other, and certain years of their Defence Against the Dark Arts class had been better than others, due to the teach in charge.

"I know I can count on you," Hermione said with a smile before Fred mentioned being hungry. Now that she thought about it, she was rather famished herself, especially after what they had just experienced together. "I would like something to eat, but I don't think I could be bothered to get up either. At least not right now."

She was once again wishing for a floo network when Fred pulled out the phone book and started flipping through it. Hermione shook her head - it was amazing how one could forget such simple Muggle things like the Yellow Pages and the phone when you were so used to a wizarding network and different ways of doing things. She supposed she'd have to get used to it again since she planned on staying with Fred for a good long while.

"Tacos sounds good," Hermione told her with a grin, remembering their conversation from the day before about trying tacos. Her eyes then widened at Fred's rather brazen idea regarding the ice cream. "I--uh...that...I...I like ice cream, so...if you'd like...that sounds lovely and...oh just how red am I at the moment?"


Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: June 4th, 2006 10:40 pm (UTC)
Fred - Devious

Fred listened to Hermione stutter over her idea and tried hard not to laugh at the other woman. "Really red," she comment when Hermione asked. "Even the tip of your nose is red." She leaned over and softly kissed Hermione's nose before reaching back to pick up the telephone from the bedside table.

She sat up on the bed and dialed the number. Fred spoke to the man on the other end of the line for a few minutes, ordering some tacos, soda and strawberry ice cream. When she hung up, after the man told her it'd be thirty minutes for delivery, Fred looked down at her girlfriend and smiled. "I've never ate ice cream off anyone before," Fred admitted with a small smile. "But I saw it on a movie once. It looked really erotic." She ran her hand over Hermione's stomach. "And you have the perfect skin for it."

Leaning down, Fred smirked and softly licked one of Hermione's pert nipples. "They started here," she explained before sucking the nipple into her mouth. She then moved to her stomach. "Then they moved here, making sure they had all the ice cream up." Fred made little swirling designs on Hermione's stomach with her tongue before moving down between her legs. "They ended up here." Fred moved her tongue up Hermione's slit and smiled. "Does this seem like something you'd want to do?"

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Posted at: June 5th, 2006 01:45 am (UTC)
Me - Come Hither

Hermione put her hand to her face after Fred kissed her, feeling the heat emmanating from her cheeks. She knew it was still to be so embarrassed in front of Fred, especially considering what they felt for each other, but she couldn't help it. She had never been in this sort of relationship before - one so open. With Viktor, there had always been things she never talked to him about, never even thought about doing with him. But with Fred, she knew that she was likely to be doing a lot of things she had never thought about doing before.

She listened as Fred finished up placing their order as she lay on the bed, then smiled up at her when she turned and started talking about eating ice cream from her again. When Fred licked one of her nipples then took it in her mouth, she moaned, feeling the touch like a bolt of electricity directly to her core. As Fred moved further down, she felt herself becoming more and more aroused to the point that when Fred licked her folds, she gasped, grabbing the quilt again.

"Th--oh, Fred, that sounds--I think, yes..." Sitting up, she grabbed Fred and pulled hed back with her so she was lying on top of her, their bodies pressed together as she kissed her deeply. "You do that, and I'll have to figure out something to do to you." Her mind was already racing with ideas. "Although, there's one small problem with your plan to have food delivered, love. One of us is going to have to get dressed to answer the door when the delivery man comes."

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Posted at: June 5th, 2006 03:11 am (UTC)
Fred - laughing noe

Fred let out a giggle when Hermione pulled her close. She kissed her deeply and snorted when she pointed out one of them had to get dressed. "I will since it was my idea to order delivery," she murmured against Hermione's lips before kissed her again. With their bodies pressed together, Fred found herself grinding against the woman below her.

"You're so amazing," she gasped when they broke another kiss. "I want to be with you all the time, Hermione. I want to be with you forever." Fred kissed her again and knew if she didn't remove herself from her then she would never get dressed. She gave Hermione one last kiss and rolled off her.

"Where's my clothes?" Fred asked, sitting up. "I don't think the delivery boy will wanna see me naked. Well, he might." She giggled a little and winked at Hermione.

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Posted at: June 5th, 2006 05:13 am (UTC)
Me - Amused

"Good," Hermione said with a deep shuddering breath, once they broke apart. "Because I'm pretty much planning on forever right now."

She felt a bit like she was losing something when Fred rolled off her but knew that as much as she and Fred may have wanted, they couldn't spend the rest of their life together in bed. She had gained so much just in the last day, so she wasn't truly losing anything.

"I'm sure the delivery boy would love seeing you naked," Hermione said in answer to her rather cheeky comment. She sat up and wrapped her arm around her, giving her a kiss on her shoulder. "However, all thing considered, I'm not much up on sharing you with anyone at the moment."

She then shifted to the end of the bed, where their clothes lay discarded, and leaned over to pick up Fred's vest and jeans, which she handed over. "Don't think you're going to need your underthings just to answer the door."

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Posted at: June 5th, 2006 05:59 am (UTC)
Fred - looking down unsure

"You won't ever have to share me, Hermione. I promise," Fred said as Hermione bent down and picked up her clothes. She giggled a little over the undergarments comment. "Nope. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting naked again soon." She gave Hermione a grin before taking her clothes from her.

Once she was dressed, Fred pulled out her cell phone and sat on the edge of the bed. "I need to call Cordy and Angel so they know where we are," she explained before dialing the number. Cordy answered and she sounded tired. "Cordy? It's me, Fred. I'm just calling to tell you Wesley, Hermione and I are in Sunnydale. Rupert was injured last night and Wesley's staying with him so Hermione and I decided to stay also."

"Oh, no, is he okay?" Cordy asked with concern in his voice.

"He just need to recover some more. Is Connor okay?" she asked.

Cordy sighed. "He's having problems adjusting. Holtz did a real number on him and he refuses to even let Angel touch him. Only person he seems to trust is Groo so he took Connor out for ice cream and some time in the park. Angel is pretty broken up about I," she quietly said.

"Oh god. How awful for him," Fred said with a frown. "What about Charles and Gwen? Do they know?"

"Yeah. Hair Club For Men and Electro-Girl showed up long enough to scare Connor and leave. I don't even know why they bother."

"Because Charles is our friend," Fred pointed out. There was a pause in the conversation and Fred looked over at Hermione. "I don't know when we'll be back but if Angel or you need anything, call my cell, okay?"

"Will do. And thanks for calling, Fred."

Fred told Cordy goodbye and ended the call. With a sigh, she looked at her girlfriend again. "Connor is having a lot of problems and won't even let Angel touch him. I hope things get better," she said with a frown.

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Posted at: June 5th, 2006 08:22 pm (UTC)
Me - Waiting

Hermione thought Fred's giggle was the most wonderful thing. It was beautiful and infectious - she hadn't heard much laughter in recent years, so having someone who made her so happy was a simply amazing and lovely. It was the greatest gift she could have ever received.

As Fred called her friends, Hermione shifted to sit behind her, resting her head on her shoulder. She could feel Fred's mood taking a slight downturn as she spoke to Cordelia and knew that things weren't going well, especially when Fred stopped speaking and looked over at her. When she hung up, she told her what was happening back at the hotel with Connor and Angel.

"I--I never did ask last night...I saw Groo holding a child...I take it that was Connor, which means that time did pass more quickly on Quortoth. How...how long was it? Do you know?" she asked.

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Posted at: June 5th, 2006 10:34 pm (UTC)

"I think Connor is about six or seven now. I never spoke to him, or Angel last night since I was more concerned about you," Fred softly said as she leaned against Hermione and wrapped her arms around her. "It sounds like Holtz has brainwashed Connor."

Fred was about to snuggle closer to her girlfriend when there was a knock on the door. She slipped off the bed and went to the door to answer it. Once the food was paid for, Fred brought it in, making sure to place the ice cream near the window so it would properly melt. She then went over to the bed and handed Hermione her soda before sitting down.

"Too bad tacos are so messy or I could eat them off you too," Fred said, hoping to get Hermione to blush again.

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Posted at: June 6th, 2006 01:57 am (UTC)
Me - Laughing

Hermione nodded at Fred's guess that Connor had aged to about six or seven. Given that he had been raised by someone who hated Angel so much, it wasn't surprising that the little boy was having problems with his father. She just hoped that it wasn't too late, though, and the relationship between them could be repaired.

When the delivery boy arrived with food, Hermione made sure that she couldn't be seen from the door by grabbing one of the pillows and resting it over herself just in case. It didn't take long for Fred to pay, and when she brought everything over to the bed, she tossed the pillow aside. She knew anyone that had known her when she had been a teenager - or even just a year ago - would have been surprised by her openness with Fred, but with her, everything was truly different.

She took the soda and opened it, taking a sip just as Fred mentioned that should would have eaten the tacos off her as well if she could have. Hermione coughed a bit at that, feeling herself pinken a little, though not as much as she had earlier. She supposed she was getting used to Fred's brazenness around her.

"Maybe next time we need to get something you could," she said with a laugh. "Although it'll make mealtimes very interesting if we're always having to always disappear to our bedroom."

Leaning over, she gave Fred a kiss. "So, do I get try a taco finally?"

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Posted at: June 6th, 2006 03:17 am (UTC)
Fred - laughing noe

Fred grinned when she saw Hermione blush again. She couldn't remember a time where she'd been so bold with someone else. She was usually the one that blushed and nodded, not wanting to talk about things like sex. But Hermione had changed that. Being with her made Fred feel empowered, like she could do almost anything. Plus it seemed to boost her self-esteem a lot.

When Hermione gave her a kiss, Fred moaned as she tasted the sugar from the soda on her lips. "I suppose," she said with a small wink. She slipped her hand into bag and produced two rather large tacos, which were on plates and covered with tin foil. She placed one in front of Hermione and placed a plastic fork on top of it before eyeing her. "I think I'm way overdressed."

Fred stood from the bed and stripped her clothes off before sitting on the bed again. She took the foil off the taco and started to giggle. "This is the first time I've ever eaten a taco naked, while sitting by the most beautiful woman in the world," Fred said before using the fork to cut a piece of the shell off.

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Posted at: June 6th, 2006 06:12 am (UTC)
Me - Grin

Hermione picked up the plate Fred had placed in front of her, watching her girlfriend as she stripped out her clothes, rather enjoying the show for the second time that day.

"I certainly feel less out of place now," Hermione said with a wink as Fred joined her on the bed again. She watched Fred take the foil off to reveal the huge taco underneath, laughing at her comment. "Well, I would hope that you don't often sit naked with other women. Would make me feel a bit less special."

She pulled the foil off her taco before looking back over at Fred. "This is special. Probably the most special thing I've ever experienced. All of this is absolutely amazing." She broke off some of the taco and took a bit. "And this, is actually quite marvelous. I think I can see why you like it so much. I should have made my parents take me to the Tex-Mex near our house in Surrey when I was younger."

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Posted at: June 6th, 2006 06:54 am (UTC)
Fred - Sitting back with popcorn noe

Fred grinned at Hermione. "This is special and meant to be," she said as she reached out and took Hermione's hand. She then opened her soda and took a long drink before going back to her taco. Fred hadn't realized how hungry she really was but figured it was to be expected since she'd spent a good potion of the morning making love with the most wonderful person in the world.

"They have Tex-Mex in the wizarding world? Or did you not grow up in it? I know you said you didn't start school until you were eleven. What did you do before that? Go to regular school or not go to school at all? Do wizards and witches have to take math and science classes at school? And do you live in regular houses or special houses?"

Fred took a deep breath and started to furiously blush. "I-I'm sorry. I guess I'm just a little curious about things I guess. I want to know everything about you and your world because I love you so much,: she said.

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Posted at: June 6th, 2006 07:54 pm (UTC)
Me - Explaining

Hermione ate a few bites of her taco before Fred began her rapid fire barrage of questions. For a moment, she suddenly realized that she probably now knew what her professors had felt like sometimes, especially Professor McGonnagall. She had spent so much time after transfigurations classes asking her for clarifications on things she had read that lookng back on things now, she was quite sure she drove the poor woman mad. Bless her, though, for never saying so.

Fred asking questions, however, was utterly and completely adorable, and just made Hermione love her even more. It meant so much to her that she wanted to know about her life and the wizarding world.

"I didn't actually enter the wizarding world until I was almost twelve," she told her after taking another sip of her soda. "See, my mum and dad are dentists, and we lived in Surrey in a town called Woking, where I grew up in a normal semi-detached house and went to primary school just like all the other kids. I had absolutely no idea that I was a witch or anything until the day the letter inviting me to Hogwarts arrived."

She took a few more bites of her taco before continuing. "My parents couldn't believe that they had a witch for a daughter, but they were so supportive of me, even if they didn't understand everything about it. Of course, it meant I had to go away to school since the wizarding schools act sort of like boarding schools. I lived in a castle tower for six years. We had four houses - basically dormitory groups that we belonged to the entire time we were at school - and I was a Gryffindor. We didn't take math or science or English like you do in regular school, though. I took classes like Transfigurations, Charms Potions, and Herbology. The closest class to math I took was Arithmancy, which was actually one of my favorites. It's the use of names and numbers to tell about a person's character."

She suddenly stopped for a moment. "And this is where most people would be telling me to shut it for going on and on about something. I always did have a bit of a problem with how much information to actually share when asked a question."

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Fred - With hair up (me)

Fred continued to eat her taco as Hermione spoke. She was enthralled by everything her girlfriend was saying and had a million other questions to ask. Fred figured they had a lifetime together and could ask later, and maybe read a book or two about it. When Hermione started to talk about her parents, Fred grinned.

"My parents are the same way. When I decided to come out here for school, they were very supportive, even though they didn't understand why I wanted to come all the way out here to go to school when there are good schools in Texas," she explained with a smile. "And a few months ago, when they came to visit and I told them about Pylea and how Angel was a vampire, they were ok with it. They had questions but they were still supportive. I can't wait for you to meet them! That is if you want to."

Fred took a few bites of her taco while Hermione explained her classes and the different houses. "When I was in Pylea I used to pretend my prince would show up and take me to his castle. A vampire came instead and took me to his hotel," she said with a smirk. "And don't ever worry about talking too much. I like it when you talk. It's nice."

She smiled again and leaned forward before deeply kissing Hermione.

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Posted at: June 6th, 2006 11:20 pm (UTC)
Me - Big Grin

Hemione smiled when Fred told her about her parents. Yet another thing they had in common, it seemed - parents who supported them even though they lived lives that weren't considered normal in the ways that they were raised. "I'd like very much to meet your parents," she told her. "And maybe sometime, I'll be able to take you to England to meet mine. I haven't talked to them in a while, though. I should really tell them what's going on. After...after the final battle with Voldemort, I kind of shut down a bit. The only one I really talked to was Rupert."

The image of Fred being pulled up onto a horse by a prince suddenly crossed Hermione's mind when she mentioned what she had dreamed of while she had been in Pylea. She was glad, though, that things had worked out the way they had because otherwise, she might never have found her. She was sad that Fred had to go through what she had though.

Once they kissed for several long, lovely moments, Hermione pulled back and looked into her eyes, reaching up to run her hand through Fred's hair. "I suppose you never dreamed of a Witch swooping in through a fireplace or on a broomstick to take you to her wizarding school, did you?" she asked with a low laugh. Putting her taco plate aside, she shifted closer to her and ran her hand down across her shoulder and arms, wanting to touch her and make love to her again.

"I'm actually wondering if we can just skip to dessert now," she told her before kissing her again.

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Posted at: June 7th, 2006 02:20 am (UTC)
Fred - Devious

Fred smiled at the image of Hermione saving her. "I'm glad the witch came, even if she wasn't here to rescue me, especially since I'm madly in love with her," she said before Hermione kissed her again. She tasted like tacos and soda, and it made her moan, wanting more. When she pulled back and Hermione started to softly touch her, Fred felt herself start to throb with need.

"Dessert it is," she murmured before standing from the bed. She went over to the window and picked up the small plastic container of ice cream. Fred went over to the bed again and sat down beside Hermione and smiled before pulling the top off of it.

"Where would you like me to start?" Fred asked. She ran the back of her hand over Hermione's breasts and smile. "Here?" Her hand traveled down and ran across the other woman's flat stomach. "Or here?" With a small smile, she ran her hand further down, past Hermione's tight curls, and across her wet folds. "How about here?"

With her free hand, Fred sat the ice cream on the bed and dipped a finger into it. "Want a taste?" she purred as she held her ice cream-covered finger out for her as she slowly pushed two fingers into Hermione's core.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: June 7th, 2006 05:52 am (UTC)
Me - Come Hither

Hermione raised her eyebrows when Fred asked her where she wanted to start, seeing the rather devilish grin that she quite loved. When Fred touched her, she shuddered slightly, especially when her hands moved down from her breasts to her center.

"Where--wherever you'd like," Hermione whispered.

She was about to lean over to take Fred's finger when she felt Fred's fingers slid inside her. "Ohhhh," she moaned, her hips raising slightly off the bed to meet her girlfriend's hand. She took a deep breath to center herself and managed to lean over to take Fred's finger into her mouth. Once she had licked the ice cream off, however, she didn't let it go immediately, sucking on it for a few moments. When she finally let go, she gave Fred a cheeky grin.

"Fred and strawberry ice cream taste amazing," she told her.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: June 7th, 2006 06:53 am (UTC)

When Hermione started to lick and suck her finger, Fred let out a loud moan and pushed her fingers deeper into her core. "God, Hermione," she whimpered when the other woman let go of her finger. Fred then grinned at Hermione. "Lets see how it tastes on you."

She picked up the ice cream container and giggled a little before pouring some of the melted substance on Hermione's stomach. Fred quickly bent over and slowly licked it off. "Mmm, ice cream and Hermione tastes pretty good also," she whispered. "Oh! Missed some!" She moved down a bit and slowly dipped her tongue into Hermione's belly button.

Fred looked at the ice cream container and decided to ignore it. She knew what she wanted to do and didn't need the ice cream to do it. She positioned herself between Hermione's legs and slipped a third finger into her before blowing on her clit. With a wicked grin, Fred softly nibbled on Hermione's hard nub before roughly sucking it in between her lips as her fingers started to thrust in and out of her.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: June 7th, 2006 07:20 pm (UTC)
Me - Want You

A shiver ran through Hermione when the ice cream, which was still cold even though it was melted, pooled on her stomach. At the feel of Fred's tongue on her skin and her fingers inside her, another shiver caused her entire body to shudder, especially when she licked her belly button.

She wanted to kiss Fred desperately, but before she could draw her up to do so, Fred had moved down between her legs again. A groan escaped her lips when Fred pressed a third finger into her, and then the sensations in her body went completely into overdrive when she began sucking her clit and moving her fingers in her.

"Fred," she moaned, thrusting her hips forward in time with Fred's strokes. It was so amazing, feeling this way, having this wonderful woman, but part of her wanted so much more, wanted to be able to take Fred inside her and just...meld with her.

She felt herself tensing, coming to a point where she felt like she was teetering on the edge, the sensations almost becoming too much. She gasped, throwing her head back, and just then Fred pressed her tongue against her clit, causing Hermione to tumble over, clenching around Fred's fingers as she cried her name.

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Posted at: June 7th, 2006 07:33 pm (UTC)
Fred - Cute smile noe

Fred took her time with what she was doing. She wanted it to last as long as it possibly could, not ever wanting to be apart from her girlfriend. When she felt Hermione start to tense up, she pushed her fingers even deeper and curled them up, hoping to hit the spot she'd read about in Cordy's magazines. And when Hermione came, Fred quickly lapped up her juice, moaning at the taste.

"You're so amazing," she said, removing her fingers. She licked them clean and moved up Hermione's body and looked down at her. Her face was flushed and Fred carefully stroked her warm cheeks. "And beautiful and mine. You make me so happy, Hermione." She leaned down and deeply kissed her, allowing her to taste herself on her tongue.

When Fred broke the kiss, she moved to the other side of Hermione and picked up the ice cream. "I'll never look at ice cream the same way again," she whispered before dipping her finger into the container. With her finger lathered with the ice cream, Fred wiped it across Hermione's bottom lip. She then bent down and sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, and licked the ice cream off.

"It's definitely better when I eat it off you," Fred said with a small smile. She pulled back and softly stroked Hermione's neck. "I love you."

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Posted at: June 7th, 2006 10:39 pm (UTC)
Me - Kissing

Hermione moaned into the kiss, especially when she tasted the tang of her own cum on Fred's tongue. She had never even dreamed of the things she was doing with Fred, but now she couldn't imagine not doing them.

"You make me feel normal again, Fred," she whispered against her lips. "You make me believe in life again. I tried to hide from it and from my magic for so long."

When Fred finally pulled back, she smiled when she picked up the ice cream and nodded in agreement at her comment that she would never look at it the same way again. She certainly knew that she'd never be able to, especially when Fred put some on her lip and then sucked it off.

"I love you too. I'm glad you're mine - it so many ways." Reaching over, Hermione then took the ice cream from Fred and gave her a grin. "I want to try this now."

Dipping her finger into the container, she then drew it across Fred's breast circling her nipple. Once she had put enough on to satisfy her, she leaned forward, swiping her tongue around her areole before sucking her girlfriend's nipple into her mouth.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: June 7th, 2006 11:45 pm (UTC)
Fred - Cheeky Look

The ice cream made Fred's nipples harden before Hermione could even touch them. She moaned and wriggled on the bed when she sucked her nipples into her warm mouth. "God, Hermione," she whispered as her fingers tangled with her girlfriend's curly hair. She wanted and needed more. Fred was about to ask Hermione for more when her cell phone started to ring. She didn't want to answer it but she knew it might be someone important.

"Sorry…I have to…" Fred picked up the phone and saw it was Wesley so she pulled talk. "Wesley?"

"Fred. Hello. I just wanted you to know Rupert is getting out tomorrow and we're getting married!" Wesley said.

"Married? Rupert and you are getting married?" she asked as she looked down at Hermione. "Congratulations."

"Thank you. I'm still a bit shocked over it." There was a slight pause and then Wesley started talking again. "I have a favor to ask of you. Rupert wants some tea but the hospital is awful and I don't want to leave him and Buffy is already gone. There's this little bakery on the corner of south and main and--"

"Hermione and I will get some tea for you. Anything else you need?"

"Some jelly donuts would be nice."

Fred nodded. "We'll be there soon," she said before ending the call. She looked down at Hermione and sighed. "The boys need us to run an errand for them."

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: June 8th, 2006 01:58 am (UTC)
Me - Surprised

Hermione sighed when Fred's phone began ringing, the sound almost as loud and annoying as that of any howler. She almost wanted to continue nuzzling her girlfriend's breasts while she spoke to whoever it was but decided to behave and lay back on the bed. She listened as Fred started speaking to Wesley, hoping that he had some good news about Rupert.

Which he apparently did as a look of pleased surprise crossed her face when she repeated that Wesley and Rupert were getting married. Hermione's eyes opened wide. Rupert was getting married! She knew how he had suffered as many losses as she had over the years, including Jenny, so knowing that her friend had finally found happiness with someone did her heart as good as having someone as wonderful as Fred.

Reaching over, she took her hand in hers, holding it tightly while she finished the phone call with Wesley. Obviously, they were going to be out if Fred's responses on her side of the conversation where anything to go by.

When Fred rang off, Hermione nodded at her comment that Wesley and Rupert needed them to run an errand for them and sat up. "They're really going to be getting married?" she asked, smiling when Fred nodded. "Well, at least our friends are as happy as we are."

Leaning over, she kissed her. "Almost as happy," she then amended with a wink. "Come on. Let's get what they need. Sooner we do, the sooner we can get back...to what we were doing."

Standing up off the bed, she helped Fred up before the two of them gathered up their clothes and began getting dressed.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: June 8th, 2006 03:15 am (UTC)
Fred - Devious

Fred quickly dressed and furrowed her brow. "I have no idea where South and Main is," she muttered before picking up the phonebook. She looked at the map of Sunnydale and found where they needed to go. She jotted down the address and then looked at Hermione. "You probably could've done that with magic, huh?"

She gave Hermione a quick kiss and then took her hand before they went out to Wesley's Jeep. The bakery wasn't too far away and when they arrived, they walked inside. Fred's eyes went wide at all the donuts the glass case held. "They didn't tell me what kind they wanted!" she said, glancing at Hermione.

She then looked back at the case and started to snort. "They have strawberry jelly donuts. We should get them some and tell them how good it tastes to eat strawberry off someone," she said with a giggle.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: June 8th, 2006 05:28 am (UTC)
Me - Amused

Hermione chuckled slightly. "Well, if they have a fireplace on the floo network, I could have. When it comes to finding actually places, I have to do it the same way you do."

Once they reached the bakery, Hermione smiled as they stood looking at the donuts. In the UK, most of the bakeries had only custard and strawberry jam donuts - there wasn't quite the assortment of flavors that American places had. Although she did notice that they didn't have pumpkin-flavored. Not that it should have surprised her as that seemed to be more of a wizarding world thing than Muggle. Since she was planning to stay with Fred, she was going to have to stock up on some of her favorites when she had a chance. Maybe even introduce her girlfriend to them. She just hoped she wasn't allergic to pumpkin.

"I'm sure they'll be fine with strawberry," Hermione told her. "Although somehow I have a feeling if we were to tell Rupert that, we might end up causing him to stay in hospital longer!"

They gave their order to the young man behind the counter. While they waited, Hermione casually draped her arm around Fred and kissed her shoulder, not thinking about it. She then noticed the boy watching them and shook her head with a laugh.

"Almost done there?" she asked.

The boy nodded and finished boxing up the donuts. He put the box and the carrier with the tea up on the counter.

"Let me get this," Hermione said, reaching into her pocket and pulling out the American money she kept on hand. Once she had paid him, they picked up the boxes and headed out of the bakery back to Wesley's SUV to head to the hospital.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: June 8th, 2006 06:11 am (UTC)
Fred - Cute smile noe

Fred started to giggle again when she notice the boy was staring at them. Usually no one paid attention to her but now they were and it made her feel giddy. Once they had their food and were in the Jeep, Fred started it and went toward the hospital. "I bet if we would've given him a show, he would've given us everything for free," she said with a grin.

When they got to the hospital, Fred parked the Jeep and helped Hermione carry the donuts and tea in. They had to lie, saying it was for them and not Rupert since the nurse said he wasn't allowed anything sweet. Fred rolled her eyes and they went up to Rupert's room.

"Oh, bless you," Wesley said when they walked into the room. He moved forward and took the things from their hands.

"We got you every flavor they had. I hear the strawberry ones are the best," she said before winking at Hermione.

"Thank you both," Giles said, who was sitting up and didn't look as pale as he had before.

Fred smiled and sat down in one of the room's plastic chairs. "So, this whole marriage thing…who did the asking?" she asked, reaching into the box and pulling a donut out for herself.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: June 8th, 2006 07:28 am (UTC)
Me - Grin

Hermione blushed slightly at Fred's comment that they could have got their order for free had they given him a show. She loved Fred, and she loved the thing they had done together, but she wasn't sure if she was ready for that kind of public display. At least not in front of people they didn't know. Even if a part of her did want to just grab her and kiss her deeply.

At the hospital, after Fred managed to dodge the nurse's attempt to take the donuts and tea away, they made it up to Rupert's room. It was good to see her friend sitting up and looking much more chipper than before. Hermione never liked it when a friend of hers was hurt - she had seen it far too often in her life.

At least this time, though, it had a happy ending.

Taking one of the teas and sitting down, next to Fred, she couldn't help but laugh when her girlfriend asked who had proposed to who. Both Wesley and Rupert seemed amused by the question as well.

"Well...uh...we were sort of talking about things," Wesley said, holding Rupert's hand tightly in his after handing him his tea, "about the future and what we were going to do from here on out and..."

"We pretty much ended up asking each other at the same time," Rupert finished for him. "Decided that we didn't want to be living in different countries any longer, and after what happened, we don't want to waste anymore time either."

Hermione grinned widely. "That's absolutely great news," she told both of them. "I'm so glad you've found someone that makes you happy, Rupert. You definitely deserve it. Both of you do."

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: June 8th, 2006 07:39 am (UTC)
Fred - Happy in pink sweater

After hearing the story, Fred happily sighed. She loved happy and romantic endings. She stood from the chair and went over to Wesley. "I'm so happy for you, sweetie," she said, hugging him tight. She then looked at Giles and bent down to hug him. "You too, Rupert. When's the big day?"

Wesley chuckled at her question and said, "Soon. We're doing a binding ceremony. I know of a few people in Los Angeles that can do it. I'm going to ring them once Rupert is out of the hospital and settled a bit."

Fred nodded and went back to Hermione's side, taking her hand as she sat down. "This is so romantic. Finding true love and deciding to be with that person for the rest of your life," she said with another sigh. She began to wonder if Hermione and her would ever get married. Of course she knew it was a bit early to be thinking about that.

"And Rupert and I were thinking perhaps the two of you could stand up for us at the ceremony. There's no one else we really trust," Wesley said, looking at the two of them. "Will you do it?"

"Oh! I will! I love weddings," Fred said, bouncing a little in her chair.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: June 8th, 2006 08:12 pm (UTC)
Me - Seeing Love

Hermione grinned. Being with the man he loved definitely did wonders for Rupert. The last time she had spoken to him before he had called her the day before had been back right after he had returned to England when his mum took ill. He had been in a bad way both because of her illness and because of his separation from Wesley.

She squeezed Fred's hand when she took it, enjoying the tone in her voice as she sighed over Rupert and Wesley. Her girlfriend was definitely a romantic, and she found it utterly adorable. Maybe someday, they'd decide to do the same thing.

When Wesley asked if they would stand up for them at their binding ceremony, Hermione looked over at Rupert. "But...I thought that maybe Buffy..."

"Hermione, I've known you for longer than Buffy, and as much as I love and care about her, you're the one whose known everything going on in my life," he told her. "I want her to be there, but I want you to be at my side."

She nodded, a smile crossing her face. Since losing Ron to death and Harry to his grief, Rupert had been her closest friend, so hearing that from him meant the world to her. "Then I'd be honored to stand for you."

She then looked over at Fred and leaned against her. "And just so you know, I'm planning on staying around for a good while with Fred."

"I'm glad, Hermione. You've been holed up and hiding from life for far too long - I was afraid it was killing you." Rupert looked over at Fred. "Thank you, Fred, for helping her find her way out."

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: June 8th, 2006 09:33 pm (UTC)
Fred - laughing noe

Fred blushed at Giles' compliment and ducked her head. "Hermione makes it easy for me to love her," she said before placing her arm about her girlfriend. She didn't want to break the happy moment but Fred knew Wesley would want to know what was going on in Los Angeles. "I spoke to Cordy earlier."

Wesley's body seemed to stiffen a little. "How…how's everything going there?" he asked, looking at Fred.

"Connor is denying Angel as his father. I think Holtz brainwashed him," Fred said.

"It's not surprising," Giles said before taking another sip of tea. "Angelus and Darla did kill Holtz's wife and son, and then turned his daughter, knowing he would have to kill her."

"But Angelus and Angel aren't the same person, Rupert," Wesley pointed out.

"I know, love, but when you want revenge, it doesn't matter," Giles quietly said.

Wesley nodded, understanding why Giles had said what he did. "Once I get Giles settled, I'll have to come by the hotel and see if I can help in anyway," he said, looking at Fred and Hermione. "So, what have you two been up to since leaving earlier? I know Sunnydale isn't the most thrilling place."

Fred placed her hand over her mouth and started to giggle. "We, uh, had Mexican and some really good ice cream," she said between giggles.

"Oh? I don't think I ever saw you giggle over ice cream before, Fred," Wesley said with a small smile. "It must have good."

"Really good," Fred said, burying her face in her hands as she continued to laugh.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: June 9th, 2006 12:09 am (UTC)
Me - Laughing

Hermione stayed quiet while Fred explained to Wesley what she had found out from Cordy. She didn't know the others well - before this, the person she had actually known best had been Wesley because of what Rupert had told her. And now she knew Fred very, very...very well. But the others were still strangers - even Angel because while she had read about Angelus and Rupert had mentioned working with Angel, he had never really talked about him.

When Wesley changed the topic, however, asking what she and Fred had been up to for most of the day, Hermione felt her cheeks warming a bit, especially when Fred mentioned the ice cream. She found herself having to suppress a laugh though, especially when Fred started giggling.

Wesley looked over at her when Fred completely lost it and buried her head in her hands. "Did this ice cream have spirits in it? I've never seen Fred act like this before."

"We just--well..." Hermione looked over at Fred and finally started laughing herself. "We were thinking about taking a walk down on the beach later. Buffy recommended a hotel near there, and the view is really rather spectacular."

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: June 9th, 2006 01:12 am (UTC)
Fred - Devious

When Hermione mentioned them going to the beach, Fred curbed her laughter and looked at her girlfriend. "We should take a blanket with us. I bet it's beautiful out there and a lot cleaner than the beaches in Sunnydale," she said with a grin.

"And don't forget the sunscreen," Wesley stated as he adjusted his glasses. "Wouldn't want you to get sunburned."

Fred snorted and started to laugh again. "Gonna need a lot of sunscreen then," she muttered.

Wesley furrowed his brow and cross his arms. "Are you sure you food wasn't tainted? You're acting a bit strange, Fred," he said with concern. He turned to Giles and shook his head. "If I recall, there was a demon running the Mexican place before."

Giles cleared his throat and pulled Wesley closer to him and whispered something in his ear. When Wesley sat up again, he was blushing bright red, and refused to look at Fred or Hermione, which made Fred giggle even harder.

"Sorry, Wesley," she said between laughs.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: June 9th, 2006 02:40 am (UTC)
Me - Smirk

When Fred mentioned a lot of sunscreen, Hermione immediately understood what she was trying to say and covered her face with her hand. Her girlfriend was incorrigible. Not that the idea didn't appeal to her. It actually rather did. And she found herself thinking about maybe using a privacy charm so that no one would accidentally stumble over them while they were out there.

Poor Wesley seemed so confused though before Rupert whispered in his ear. Hermione looked over at Fred, knowing exactly what he must have told him. Even Rupert was starting to laugh a bit.

"We'd better be careful," he said. "We don't need to nurse in here to tell us off for making me laugh. She's already been hovering about like a mother falcon."

"We'll be good then, promise," Hermione said, raising her hand up. "Where exactly are you supposed to get out tomorrow?"

"We're hoping in the morning. You know how much I despise hospitals," he answered.

"We both do, love," Wesley said, squeezing his hand.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: June 9th, 2006 03:36 am (UTC)
Fred in pigtails

Fred nodded and stopped laughing. "Sorry, Rupert. We don't want that nurse in here. She was asking us a bunch of questions about the donuts and tea," she said, rolling her eyes. She then glanced over at Hermione and smiled before leaning over to nuzzle her cheek.

When Giles said he might get released in the morning, Fred nodded. "Remind me to give you the name of the motel we're staying at, and our room number, before we leave. You two can call us when you know for sure," she said just as the evil nurse walked in.

"It's time to change Mr. Giles' bandages and all of you can't be in here," she said, eyeing Fred and Hermione.

"Guess we should go," Fred said, standing from her chair. She went over to the bed and jotted down the information she promised before pulling Wesley into a tight hug. "Call if you need anything else. I love you, Wesley." She softly kissed his cheek and released him before softly hugging Giles. "Bye Rupert."

She then moved toward the door of the room and waited for Hermione to say her goodbyes too.

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: June 9th, 2006 04:50 am (UTC)
Me - Seeing Love

Hermione wondered if it was a rule that there be at least one short-tempered nurse or medi-witch in every hospital. She remembered when she was in hospital at St. Mungos in London after the battle with Voldemort - there had been one medi-witch there that had been so strict that Hermione hadn't been allowed to get up to go to the toilet without her say-so. It had been difficult because she hadn't been allowed to see Harry during that time either, and she sometimes wondered if things might have been different if she had.

She watched Fred as she said goodbye for the evening to Wesley, seeing how close the two of them obviously were. She could see why he wanted her to stand up for him at the binding ceremony with Rupert. Once Fred was done, she gave Wesley a hug as well.

"Anyone Rupert and Fred love is a friend of mine," she told his softly. Then she turned and hugged Rupert. "Thank you for calling me out here. And I'm glad you're going to be okay. I couldn't have taken losing you too, you know."

Straightening up, she touched his shoulder briefly before joining her girlfriend by the door and taking her hand. "We'll see you tomorrow," she told them before they headed out to go back to the motel.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: June 9th, 2006 05:47 am (UTC)

Fred was glad to get back to the motel. She never did like hospitals but she was willing to go if it meant helping Wesley out. When they walked into the room, Fred noticed the ice cream had completely melted and was now dripping on the floor. "Guess you can't use it on me now," she said with a small smile before going to the bathroom to get some towels so she could clean up the mess.

Once the ice cream was up, Fred tossed the towels to the side and looked at Hermione. "I love you," she whispered before stepping to her so she could give her a deep kiss. When they parted, Fred yawned a little bit and stretched. "I'm kinda sleepy. Want to take a nap with me?"

Fred then stripped off all of her clothes and went over to the bed. She pulled the top bedspread back and crawled inside. She then looked at Hermione and grinned. "Gonna join me?"

Posted by: Hermione Jean Granger (hermionesmagic)
Posted at: June 9th, 2006 09:35 pm (UTC)
Me and Fred - Dolls

Hermione looked at the mess, thinking that she could use her wand to clean it up, but Fred was too fast, grabbing a towel from the bathroom and mopping up the mess. It was so strange in a way because in the wizarding world, people didn't think twice about that sort of thing - using their magic to fix things or clean things up. Here, though, in the Muggle world, people didn't have that luxury.

Once Fred was done, she smiled when she stepped closer and kissed her, wrapping her arms around her and holding her close. It was so nice to be able to do this, especially with someone as wonderful as Fred.

"I'm a bit knackered myself," she agreed, watching Fred as she stripped out of her clothes, finding herself admiring the view. She was so caught up in admiring her girlfriend in fact, that she didn't make a move until Fred was crawling under the covers and asked if she was going to join her. "Ummm...yes, most definitely."

Taking out her wand from her jacket, she set it on nightstand next to the bed, then quickly shed her clothes and joined Fred in the bed, pulling her to her and holding her as they snuggled together under the covers.

"I think I could defintely get used to this," she said with a grin before kissing Fred's temple and closing her eyes. This was most definitely heaven.

Posted by: Fred Burkle (Angel: The Series) (crazy_lil_fred)
Posted at: June 9th, 2006 11:20 pm (UTC)
Fred - Sleeping

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